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[Switch] NekoMiko R-18 Patch


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So as I was working on mods for the Nintendo Switch, I saw that NekoMiko was out on the system, and that it have a R-18 official patch for the Steam version.

So even if a lot of things have to be done, specially because the switch version run in 720p only and that a LOT of content is 1080p adapted, and also because the Steam censored version still have all of the R-18 content, and the patch just enable them, but the switch version don't have any of these files; 
I try to adapt this patch to the Switch version.

For now, it works, but some glitches occurs when trying to look at scenes in Extra menu, and also some weird zoom occurs as the Zoom files format and "ratio" data are not the same for the Switch version...


Still, it works, and as for now I have to stop, if someone want to try it, I'll try my best to continue this mod.



Issues to fix before a proper 1.0 release :

  • Memory menu not loaded properly when loaded by anything else than the "memory" button
  • Zoom in Sex scenes are wrong due to Zoom metadata made for 1080p resolution
  • Memory Menu UI is not the exact same as the PC version, even if it load the same content
  • Only touch screen controls for Memory menu
  • The latest CG can't be selected with Joycons/gamepad


Download Version 0.1

(Tested on Switch 9.0.1 Atmosphere via LayeredFS)


If after viewing a scene in Memory mode or selecting Extra in menu, the screen is just white, use LB/RB to switch page and it will work again.


Installation :

Extract it in your SD Card to use it with Atmosphere's LayeredFS.

If you want to use it in any other way, make sure to tell me how and if it works.



CG without mods




CG With mod !





Screenshots :





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