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• Couldn't load xbp.dll (data). The last error code was 1114.

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Whatever mod is providing that dll is not compatible with your SKSE version. I have no idea which mod contains that dll. But you have a couple of options here 

  1. Look for that mod and see if there is a release/update for the SKSE version you're using. If there is one, it should solve the issue.
  2. If there is no release of that mod for your SKSE version, remove the mod in question until it updates, then you'll be able to add it again.
  3. If there is no release of that mod and you don't want to uninstall said mod, downgrade you skyrimse.exe and SKSE to the previous release, you should also check your other mods for dll, and downgrade these too.

Basically, any mod with dll must be updated/downgraded to match your game version (skyrimse.exe) and SKSE (dlls/scripts). You must pay attention whenever you download these type of mods (with dlls) and each time there is an update.

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