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Tips needed to live like a rock star!

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So I have a famous SIM (male) he is in a world famous band, lives with 3 girls (blonde, brunette, and redhead all in the fashion industry) has a huge house in Sulani (beach life!), and also has a live-in-maid (hot chick). BUT, as nice as that is I need some more ideas to really live it up like a rock star. I have parties and invite peeps over now and then but I don't actually have a lot of time with my girls etc. the job is 7 days a week from 4 to 10 PM.


What else can I do!?

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Make sure you host a meet n greet at least once a week. Attend the awards ceremony every Sunday. Switch careers often, write books, make music, sell paintings, post videos, take part in all karaoke events and charity events. Interact with fans, make it rain, sing and pose for paparazzi a lot. WooHoo in public (bushes etc) when paparazzi is around... Just do as much shit as possible and switch it up,so you keep on top of the game. 

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