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SKSE64 not starting

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Hello guys.

Since the new Skyrim and SSE update I got a real problem.

Launching the game with SKSE doesn't do anything at all. I simply can't play Skyrim with SKSE anymore. Steam shows me that the gamre is launched for a few seconds, and then nothing. Steam considers the game shuts down.

I updated my mods too, so I really don't know what's the problem.

Can anyone hep ?


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Some mods have still not been updated to work with the latest SKSE64.  I had the same issue while having the mod called AreYouThere installed. It was the last mod of mine that didnt update and it still hasnt updated. I uninstalled it.  A useful thread that might help you is this linked one.


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A good rule of thumb is to not update the game until you are sure that all your mods have had time to be patched to the latest version.  Just put steam offline and it won't force the auto update.  Generally it can take a week for some mod authors to find the time to patch things up.  2 weeks for a few.

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