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Khajiitcubus not feel sexy without her tail. (papyrus compile fails with cryptic errors)

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Ok this touches on a lot of topics so I'm really not 100% sure where I should put this. The end I'm trying to achieve is specific to PlayerSuccubusQuest but the problem I'm currently having seems more like a "dumb-ass nublet" problem than anything specific to that mod. Please move if it belongs elsewhere. Elsewise...


Khajiit is sexy.



Pay no attention to purple torch. Khajiit is improving it. Khajiit sexy. Trust sexy khajiit. The Warp in the West make other khajiit more cat than mer... but this khajiit not like other khajiit.




Khajiit is sexy, yes. With sexy fluffy cuddly soft tail on her lovely jiggly grabbable tushy. Such a sexy tail.



Sexy khajiit is not merely sexy. Sexy khajiit so much more...




Sexy khajiit is secretly super sexy succubus. This why Warp in West not twist sexy khajiit. Sexy khajiit too sexy for such simple magics to deform. And sexy khajiit lifts too. ::flexes biceps:: Khajiitcubus punch ugly numidium to pieces. Aww... but not you. Khajiit would never hurt you. For you khajiitcubus still soft in all the right places. Would you like to take nap on khajiit's fluffy pillows? Khajiit knows you would.


But khajiitcubus busy. So very busy. She not ready ye...! What this?!?




Khajiit have no tail!!! Why khajiit have no tail!?! Khajiit has been MAIMED!!!!! Sexy khajiit not khajiit at all without fluffy sexy tail!!!! ::wails in anguish::



...and that is the story of the Khajiitcubus... thus far. So here's what I'm trying to do and where it's going off script (no pun intended) for me:

I'm trying to take CBBE, Touched By Dibella, Fulff's Hybrid Khajiits, and PlayerSuccubusQuest... sprinkle in a little Slof's Fluffy Khajiit Tails, Demoniac Skin Texture, and PSQ Transformpack... and wire them together into a single unholy abomination for my khajiitcubus (early concept pictured above).

Seems simple enough:


  1. Install CBBE, TBD, PSQ, PSQ-TFP, FHK, Slof's FKT, and Demoniac in Mod Organizer (loading in that order).
  2. Disable TBD.
  3. Copy the female mesh from TBD and over-write the mesh in PSQ-TFP's `succubus` folder.
  4. Copy the fluffjiits female mesh and over-write the mesh in PSQ-TFP's `human` folder.
  5. Copy the deamoniac texture for body, hands, and head and over-write the textures in the PSQ-TFP's `succubus` folder.
  6. Copy the fluffjiits female texture for body, hands, and head and over-write the textures in the PSQ-TFP's `human` folder.
  7. Configure PSQ via MCM to change mesh and texure on transformation.


All good up to that point. But then I transform to succubus form and back no more fluffy khajiit tail. Idealy, I would keep the fluffy tail even while in succubus form. I think I've already identified the problem in `succubusheshinnscript.psc`:

If PSQ.HenshinTail
	Succu.AddItem(PSQ.PSQSuccubusTail, 1, True)
	Succu.EquipItem(PSQ.PSQSuccubusTail, True, True)


Succu.RemoveItem(PSQ.PSQSuccubusTail, Succu.GetItemCount(PSQ.PSQSuccubusTail), True)

In theory, I comment out those lines with `;` and recompile the script... and the tail-replacement feature of PSQ should be disabled letting me keep the same tail all the time. Nope. Looking closer at the script, it's never explicitly removing the tail during the transformation into a succubus... but the tail vanishes anyway. Unless it does so in the animation scripts... but I still need to figure out the problem below if I'm going to move forward.


But I'm still a noob with papyrus.  I followed the guide here to setup notepad++ (which I already have), adjusting for skyrim se, and made the needed edits. After solving for all the missing dependencies... when I go to compile it fails but I get very little in the way of feedback on what went wrong:


<unknown>(0,0): Assembly failed
No output generated for succubusheshinnscript.psc, compilation failed.


Do I need to compile the rest of the scripts for PSQ as well? What am I missing here? Google has nothing to say about this error message.

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5 hours ago, Seijin8 said:

To start with, PSQ has its own tail segment.  Just copy the tail into that.


There should be no need to mess with the scripts.


PSQ's tail is only active when in succubus form. When I leave succubus form the PSQ tail is removed but the original tail is not restored. This is an issue with the script and therefore needs to be fixed in the script.

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1 hour ago, SlitherHence said:


PSQ's tail is only active when in succubus form. When I leave succubus form the PSQ tail is removed but the original tail is not restored. This is an issue with the script and therefore needs to be fixed in the script.

Or you could add the tail armature to the base body form's armor entry.


Try to avoid scripting things that the base engine can do - saves a lot of headaches.

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Okay. Let me see if I understand this correctly. You don't know how PSQ works. You haven't looked at it's scripts. You haven't looked at the data files. And you don't seem to have even fully read the description of the problem above. But... despite my character clearly having a tail before this script is run... you are telling me adding a tail will solve my problem.


Okay. Sure. Why not. I'll humor you. Where would I make this change at? Where do I "add the tail armature to the base body form's armor entry"? I'm assuming in the creation kit? Somewhere in KhajiitRace? NakedBeastSkin? Or do I need to break out nifscope?


In the mean time... I believe I've solved the problem this thread is actually about. The issue was mod organizer. Seems it's folder virtualization is a bit less reliable than I remember. The key hint was when output from the papyrus compiler kept overwriting random source files, forcing me to restore them from the original 7z files. I moved all the script sources directly to the actual data folder and ran the compile again without mod organizer being involved. It compiled on the first try. Hopefully that will help someone in the future.

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