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[RACEMENU] Facial Expression Mod?

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I am looking for a Mod that allows changing the Racemenu Expression Sliders without actually accessing racemenu. Like setting a certain preset for example and then just change it via a hotkey or sth.


I tried pose mods for facial expressions, but they do not do what I want (the expression goes away when you use SL expressions or something like PC Headtracking etc. 


Is something like this even possible? Or is Racemenu just... well, Racemenu? :D

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24 minutes ago, kodamant said:

devious mindbreak does something like this where it will change your expression based on how much sex youve had


I think this also just changes the in game expressions like Sexlab does. There is a difference to the Racemenu Expressions :(

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6 hours ago, pskaax said:

I recommend Facial Expressions Project by MergaSkittle:







FEP sadly only uses MFG so it is not working with other mods that do the same. Already tried it :(


For example Racemenu Expressions work during Sexlab Animations (with Expressions), they just add on top of each other.

FEP (as in general all mods using MFG) do not. At least I did not found one that does :D


On 11/23/2019 at 10:11 PM, winny257 said:
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SGT's Facial Expression Batfiles


I think its the same problem here, it uses MFG :(

Will still try it, I did not try it yet, so maybe it is more suitable for me. 

Hmm, so strange that no mod can really make racemenu kinda.... easier to use. :(

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