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Eyes issue


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Yup. It's a mod that fucks up the eyes for new NPCs, probably one which allows two different colors for the eyes or something similar. Check the mods with face improvements/new races, you can post your load order that'll help us.


You can check the thread here too http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3767 as I talked about it.


You should also disable your LPK mods, they can work with CLS but are totally redudants as CLS has its own system for animations.



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What i have done is i reinstalled oblivion as i want to experience CLS whit out having any lpk mod and after i'm done whit CLS i can install the rest. I am at chapter 3 and this "little" mod i enjoy it more then the main quests:P


Also thanks for your reply

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