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[Solved] How to patch a quest in a new esp

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I am trying to make an esp to patch a quest, without modifying the original plugin. I load the original plugin in CK without making it "active", I modify the quest then save as a new plugin and enable it. Problem is that it is duplicating the quest (I have two instances of the quest running) instead of altering the original quest. Not sure how to do this another way.

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Use xEdit, (i.e. Tes5Edit/SSedit/fo4edit), to change the FormID of the new version of the quest to the FormID of the original, (i.e. create an override). It's a right click option on the left hand panel when you select something - in this case your new version of the quest. Note if the quest is self referencing, then before you change the formID you might need to NULL, (not delete), the referencing entry in the VMAD, then after the quest has a new FormID, just replace that NULL with the new FormID of the quest. (Easier than I'm making it sound). 

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Just leaving here the solution which worked for me:


1. flag the original esp as an esm (in FO4edit) - didn't change the esp extension, just activated the esm flag in order for ck to play nice

2. fire up ck, select the esp but not mark it active

3. load the plugin, modify the quest

4. save => since I didn't set an active file, it asks to create a new esp

5. place the new patch esp after the original in the load order, activate it, profit



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