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ESM limit @Halstrom

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I think I found a esm limit and I would like someone/s help with testing that theory.  I cannot find any info online about it.  I recently added a new esm and the Barstool Games mod, which is a esm stopped working.  When I checked my loot order Barstool Games is loaded last in esm's.  Just after AAF Stats.  I was wondering why my AAF Stats was broken on an older mod build when it should have been working.  As far as I can tell it is 13 esm's, but I might be wrong.  The 13 esm's includes the base game and all the DLC's.  

Can someone please help in locating/discovering this info.  If you think you can have infinite esm's well I know of quite a few esm Mods that you can install one at a time just to see that I am correct.

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On 10/21/2019 at 10:32 PM, MadMansGun said:

the same as skyrim: 255 ESM/ESP max (without DLC's and updates, with them it's less)

It can't be 255 esm.  After a certain amount they don't load?  I've tried increasing my esp's and everything was fine.  When I reduced my esp's and increased my esm's the esm's near the bottom of the esm load order dropped off.  It's not like Video's of the Wasteland and Bar Stool Games should have that many incompatibilities with other esm's?

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