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I'm stumped.

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Okay I'm stumped guys!  I've been trying to get AAF installed and running, following an3k's installation guide, using NMM. 

This is on a fresh install, with no other mods, just the DLCs.  Just to help out, I originally had AAF working on a previous install but I was having trouble with animations not being found, so I decided to just uninstall FO4 completely and start fresh with the assumption my other mods might be causing an issue.  That being said, I've already run the game and then made sure I've set up the 3 .ini files for modding.


I started with installing F4SE 0.6.17, which I verified it installed by looking under the settings menu in-game (vF4SE 0.6.17 rel20) 1.10.138.  I then installed advanced looks 1-6-16, followed by AAF framework 97b, both installed with NMM.  AAF did come up with the installation options and I kept the defaults.


As per an3k's suggestion, ran the game via F4SE and started a new game.  And once I finished customizing my character..................nothing happens.  No menu, home, delete buttons don't do anything.  Idled for a few minutes in game to see if it was a delayed install.  But uh.. Nothing happened.  Tried adding the unofficial FO4 patch since I had that in my original install, but that didn't help either.


Judging by the verifier saying 30 files are missing, Maybe NMM screwed up?



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You got it, it didn't install correctly.  NMM didn't fully install the files for either AAF or LooksMenu.  When I did a manual install it worked right away.  Go figure!


I did notice NMM kept failing to install the animations.  It would show the installs and when I would close NMM and open it, it showed them as disabled, I had to keep re-activating them several times for it to work.  Definitely going to try and go for MO2 going forward.

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