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A mod to let the player character have sex at a random location?

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My understanding of how WickedWhims works is that when the player wants to initiate a sex animation, you click on a location, then click Wicked, then click Sex, at which point you can select a specific category of sex act or just choose Random. Whereas, with autonomous sex between NPC's, the location is determined somewhat randomly (obviously, since there's no player selecting it). Is there any way to initiate sex with the player character without choosing a location, and just let it be chosen randomly (based on what's nearby, in much the same way that it's chosen for autonomous sex)?

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WW autonomous sex works at pretty much any location.

But depends on it's settings.

Try using the WW setting Sex Autonomy Intensity 'Extreme' to test it out.

Then find the Triggers Menu and disable Solo Sex, Travel Sex, and Peeping Sex.

(If you don't want all your sims masturbating everywhere).

(Although usually your sim will auto 'join in' with them)

Just take your sim out to a public lot and visit with other sims.

(You can even just flirt with them and it should trigger auto sex).

Sooner of later your sim will run off with another to do it on a picnic table, toilet, shower, etc.

Depends a lot on what animations you have installed.


I remodeled the main lounge in NE Windenburg by adding beds, chairs, wall mirrors, and other sex objects.

My sims don't seem to like tables & chairs sets.

You can even add a couple of WW lot traits to help out.

It helps if you know a lot of sims but many will show up anyway and go at it, much like a sex club.

Need Get Together EP for that town, which is the best one added by EA yet IMO.


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Yeah, I guess that would work, but it's the "sooner or later" part that I'm not into, and also having to change all the settings back to normal after they're done (so that they're not always having sex all the time). This is a workaround which would get the job done in a pinch, but it's honestly not any more convenient than just rolling an external RNG to pick a random location that way. It would be nice if there was a button that would just immediately initiate sex at a random nearby object or surface.

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