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Sexout animation bug *solution*

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Quite a few people have been having a sexout bug where the two sexy parties stand inside each other without doing anything and I have discovered the cause of this bug to be playthings. I don't know why it breaks, at first I thought the playthings meshes created a skeleton or mesh incompatible with animations that for some reason was used on characters other than the playthings followers, but the same problem occurred with just the sound, voice, and esm files installed so I'm not sure how to fix it. 


Anyway hope this helps. Don't use playthings with animation mods. If you're still getting this bug without playthings, try an install (doesn't necessarily have to be clean, I always carry a fully modded backup build that I know to work fine) that has absolutely 0 follower/companion mods. If playthings breaks sexout for unknown reasons, I guess Ties that bind, amanda, bittercup/sydney/lucy west follower mods could also do the same thing. 

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When a character is stuck and doesn't animate, probably the bug is caused by a dirty edit in one of the added mods. Most mods had it in the past, for example I remember Groovatron having it. The first step is narrowing down the issue: remove some mods and retry in game, then more, then more etc. until you find which one is responsible. Once you get the responsible, you can either clean it with xedit or tell me and I'll clean it for you.

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