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Slave in Pose by dialog


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At astymma's suggestion, I made a mod to support Lost Rider's Slave in Pose bondage poses through dialog. (These are all static poses.)


Slave in Pose now has 150 poses; you can get the data files here. Note that this is a Fallout 3 mod, but all you need are the animations and they can be installed in your FNV directory.


This mod is based on Dynastia's FO3 dialog mod, but it had to be entirely rewritten to support more than twice as many poses.


The mod is very simple-minded: any character you can talk to, you can tie up. Select the "I want to tie you up" option to select a basic pose. (There are also options to dress/undress the character, and to release them.) You can then adjust it using the "Let me adjust that pose" option. The character will stay in that pose indefinitely, till you let them go.


Warning: posing a character will immobilize them, which is not optimal for companions and other characters who need to get places. You can always release them, but this mod is more intended for messing around for awhile than for leaving in your game.


(Modders can grab it and turn the top-level dialogs into topics that can be added into a dialog tree, which can add a nice touch to any domination or slavery oriented mod.)


There's no sex in the mod, so I didn't require Sexout. However, I recommend getting the Sexout common resources and then the GSBModders BDSM stuff which has some nice bondage outfits with cuffs, which will make almost all the poses look better.


Some of the poses require walls or tables and such-- I've left them in but they'll look a bit silly without the props.


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Wow, you work quick, Mavia, hehe ;)


Giving it a try now. Currently I've been using the Groovatron (which includes slave in pose) to pose NPCs but dialog is always better, I just never had the time or enough initiative to adapt Dynastia's esp. Thanks for this :)


EDIT: You'll probably want to remove HitReaction and KnockedDownIdles as idle animation entries from the mod. As long as your top most idle animation blocks remain top level and NOT children of vanilla top level blocks, you should be ok. Otherwise, you'll interfere with all other animation mods depending on load order. Simply open the esp in FNVEdit, remove the two vanilla idle animation overrides, then save the esp. That will put your idle animation blocks as top levels and remove the conflict that happens between animation mods when vanilla top level blocks are used.

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Hello Mavia,


Love the avatar =) Anyway, I was wondering if you know if the anims are the same between the two SiP mods? Because I loaded up the NV edition the other day and it seems to have less anims, but also, it seems some are different, like being suspended by chains, etc. I really dig the suspension anims, but don't recall seeing them in the original FO3 version.


But I do prefer the dialog to having to manually console it all the time, so I may just dl yours anyway.






P.S. - Someone really needs to hammer out a decent punishment mod, including anims and items (Whips, clamps, paddles, crops...Woot!) LOL

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P.S. - Someone really needs to hammer out a decent punishment mod' date=' including anims and items (Whips, clamps, paddles, crops...Woot!) LOL



I strongly agree with this !

and pillory anim too, because pillory is the helpless situation for a slave :rolleyes:

(may be they already exist ? I'm still in the Mavia fort which is a great mod)

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Looks awesome' date=' but is there a certain load order that I need? I get the dialogue fine, but after the NPCs dont play the animations.



Did you download the animations themselves? The link is in the first post.


If they're installed correctly, they'll live in your Data\meshes\characters\_male\idleanims\Slaves directory under FNV. (There will be quite a few files, most of them with names like Tiednn.)


(If you put them in your Fallout 3 directory, FNV won't find them, but you can copy and paste them into the corresponding FNV directory.)

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