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skyrim crashes when over 2Gb of ram....


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hello everyone !


so ... i noticed that skyrim crashes all the time when it uses more than 2 Gb of ram... wasn't that suppose to be fixed in the first updates?


can i use a large address aware software?


thanks in advance,


best regards,


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This patch not needet any more, sicne version 1.4


try somehting more "fresh" http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/27959


plus, maybe it's not a reson of CTD, can be because of a papyrus freeze.

Try mod, what called - Optimizer Texures 083-12801-0-8-3


This mod simple "resize" textures, and add minimaps, if you are using CBBE mod, original, this can be caused by this mod, textures way too big, and request minimum 12 gb DDR, and 2 gb video memory.


Optimizer Texure can help with this, and quality % loose about 12-13%.

this is quit sensetive question you asking, because too many resons can cause this, not only memory, you can got CTD, on even zones, where usual because of scripts what load this events very " stresful" area, and got CTD. and 2gb coincidence.


skyrim + "just one problem" not exsist.

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thanks all of you for you replies,


so i did what ark of truth said, and...well no more CTD !


BUT i also removed some mods and made changes to my load order !

and also used another Large Address Aware program ( that I used for Supreme Commander ( pc didn't like it when playing on huge maps with 6 AI :D )) on SKSE.exe (don't ask why i did that, just thought it might do something :D )


tho i'm pretty sure that it was a load order or mod conflict !


here is my new load order :




00 Skyrim.esm

01 Update.esm

02 Dawnguard.esm

03 3rdEraWeaponsMoS.esm

04 ApachiiHair.esm

05 ApachiiHairFemales.esm

06 Obl-VB hair.esm

07 RaceCompatibility.esm

08 Lady Body.esm

09 JSwords.esm

0A LB Lady Alina.esp

0B LB Lady Arcana.esp

0C LB Lady Sexy.esp

0D LB Blood of the Divines.esp

0E LB Lady Huntress.esp

0F LB Yarl Clothes.esp

10 LB Lady Keaira.esp

11 Lady Rappelz.esp [Version 1.0]

12 LB Valkyrie.esp

13 LB Underworld.esp

14 hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp

15 isilnarsil.esp

16 Janka_Huntress.esp

17 LB Necromance Robe.esp

18 LB Santa Babe.esp

19 R18Pn - Ritter Armor - Heavy.esp

1A R18Pn - Diano Armor.esp

1B SabreFurBag.esp

1C 3rdEraWeapMoS-lvlList.esp

1D 3rdEraWeapMoS-rareCraft.esp

1E Schwertleite Set.esp

1F SkimpySilverlight.esp

20 MTemplarShields.esp

21 theRoadstrokersRoyalElvenSet.esp

22 nordicrangerarmor.esp

23 LeftHandRings.esp [Version 1.1]

24 Dr_Bandolier.esp

25 83Willows_101BUGS_V4_HighRes.esp

26 Dementia Outfit.esp

27 LB_GroveMatronStaff.esp

28 Beautiful Riften.esp

29 zzlovelyfeather.esp

2A Better Dynamic Snow.esp

2B hqsnow.esp

2C Chesko_Frostfall.esp

2D getSnowyV3.esp

2E ShootingStars.esp

2F Gleaming falls.esp

30 GreenWaterFixForWATER.esp

31 WATER.esp

32 WATER - Get Wet.esp

33 Clanking Armor.esp

34 Crimson Tide - Blood.esp

35 DeadlySpellImpacts.esp

36 Dryad Race.esp

37 buildablehouse.esp

38 MoreRainHeavyandDarker.esp

39 DudestiaMultiMarriages.esp

3A Even Smaller Spell Light Radius.esp

3B Chesko_WearableLantern.esp

3C XAC.esp

3D DeadlyDragons.esp

3E Economics of Skyrim.esp

3F Convenient Horses.esp

40 Real Wildlife Skyrim 0.1.esp

41 _NewHair.esp

42 DK_Armor_By_Hothtrooper44.esp

43 ShadowStripingFix.esp

44 Random Alternate Start.esp

45 Rainbows.esp

46 PlatedMagiArmor.esp

47 LB Dragon Princess.esp

48 Tribunal Maskes by Zairaam.esp

49 LessDragons50.esp

4A Cazy Hairs-by zzjay.esp

4B LB Jewelry.esp

4C tailoring.esp

4D LadyKdCirclets.esp

4E die maschinenstadt.esp

4F WarchiefsMight.esp

50 EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp

51 ethereal_elven_overhaul.esp

52 Brawl Bugs CE.esp

53 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp

54 XCEMwW.esp

55 _zzSimsHair.esp

56 _zzSimsHair2.esp

57 Briar'sEndCourierQuest.esp

58 WVS.esp

59 LostLongSwords.esp

5A The Dance of Death.esp

5B BFSEffects.esp

5C bambi.esp

5D numenume femalebrows MARO.esp

5E LovelyHairstyles.esp

5F realrain.esp

60 StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp

61 PeggyHair881.esp

62 zz_GDRAHoods.esp

63 ApachiiHelmetWigs.esp

64 LB Pantie & Boots.esp

65 Scoiatael Weapons.esp

66 AthenaHairFixed.esp

67 Fountain Guard Armor MATY743.esp

68 Calyps-Hair-alpha.esp

69 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp

6A Wulfharth's Dragonbone Weapons.esp

6B mortenhairs.esp

6C _zzCCCHairs.esp

6D UNP Jewelry Variants V-2.esp

6E LB Lydia Armor.esp

6F Proserpine_companion.esp

70 ASIS-Dependency.esp

71 Lady Body.esp

72 Requiem.esp




you might notice that i'm using ladybody and some CBBE or UNP armors, but fear not, i changed them with 3DS max to fit ladybody !



i don't use CBBE but ladybody ! love that mod !

PC :

Ram : 8GB DDR3

CPU : i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz ( 4 cores )

GPU : Nvidia GTX 570

and 64 bit Operating system Windows 7 Ultimate

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70 ASIS-Dependency.esp ← cursed by a god mod, what cause 107% of all problem if, he in load order.

this mod came from deep hell, and i had sooo many problems with it. PISE, same, can work only in a bash patch. and only osme parts of this mod.

plus - >


3E Economics of Skyrim.esp

3F Convenient Horses.esp

6F Proserpine_companion.esp

5C bambi.esp

38 MoreRainHeavyandDarker.esp

30 GreenWaterFixForWATER.esp

31 WATER.esp

32 WATER - Get Wet.esp

1C 3rdEraWeapMoS-lvlList.esp ← install meshes fix.

1D 3rdEraWeapMoS-rareCraft.esp

28 Beautiful Riften.esp


any of this mod can cause CTD.

any mod what add new scripts = 75% of random CTD, if you didn't reset cells.


TES5E, run this program, to see how many problems mods have.

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ok ok ,


when i select all my mods except for all of the skyrim, dawnguard, update ".esm" files,


and i get :


Above errors were found in :[70] ASIS-Dependency.esp

Above errors were found in :[71] Lady Body.esp

Above errors were found in :[72] Requiem.esp


so basically ASIS has 70 errors while lady body and Requiem only have 1 error each ?


and to reset my cells, i just need to sleep for 30 days in my house right ?

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