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  1. so finally all works as i expected thx guys last question - is there analogue of GetAV for Ammo? Want to get ammo cost per unit. As i understand its "Value" field in GECK.
  2. yes its number, i was hope to see here EditorID for GECK like for Minigun its AmmoList5mm which is 0x001537EC
  3. heh just in time because this code adds each type of ammo set count to 0 set weapref to GetEquippedObject 5 if weapref if aaaSettlementFortRaid.ShowDebugmessages > 1 PrintC "[%n] Checking %n" selfref weapref endif set ammoref to GetWeaponAmmo weapref if ammoref set count to 100 additem ammoref count if aaaSettlementFortRaid.ShowDebugmessages > 0
  4. thx, but in my case its isn't huge delay. NPC walk slowly, there no point to do this part of script with less delay. maybe we misunderstand each other by delay i mean structure like: set fTimer to fTimer + GetSecondsPassed if fTimer > 9 set fTimer to 0 ..... here heavy code .... endif
  5. well i agree about another computer thing. As For me - i am running ENB and SweetFX for AA at 1920x1200 and its run fine scanner reports about 70-80 NPC. Is it many or not in your experience? also its runs in every 10 seconds, i am about adding some delta to delay, so different NPC will run script in different time to avoid lag spike. but what is UDF? i know only file system with such abbreviation
  6. Usage: (BaseForm) reference.GetWeaponAmmo item:ObjectID Cool, but how i get reference to current weapon? oh i think i found GetEquippedObject Usage: (item:InventoryObject) reference.GetEquippedObject int:atIndex now only question what index for weapon slot upd. well i tried indexes from 1 to 5 and answer is - 5 thx for help
  7. thats why i need profiler, to understand where code is "heavy" and where is not i am working on some tweaking/changing of Wasteland defense. I am tired from dumb scavengers and removed original way to loot bodies. this is part of code: if (aaaSettlementFortRaid.scavengerpackage == 0) && (aaaSettlementFortRaid.fulllootscavenging == 0) if aaaSettlementFortRaid.ShowDebugMessages > 1 PrintC "[%n] Scanning area" selfref endif set numrefs to getnumrefs 42 1 0 if numrefs > 0
  8. No, i don't want to equip, i want to add same type of ammo for current weapon. So i need to know what weapon equipped to do this. Well about profiling its what i am afraid for. Currently script running very fast, but problem is - its related on number of NPC around and amount of NPC which running this script, so i want to detect when script goes wild and exit from loop. Well not in this game then
  9. Few questions: 1) Is there a way to get reference to equipped weapon or to get reference to ammo that this equipped weapon is using? 2) Is it possible to calculate how long executing part of script? like set Delta to askedFunction .... set Delta to askedFunction - Delta according to GECK wiki, GetSecondsPassed not good here, bcz "Calling this function multiple times in the same script in the same frame will return the same values for each call."
  10. LDW must know, i can only guess that you need to play with CK (armor addon => "biped object" and probably "priority")
  11. Lolilabs v1.1.7 Full (595 MB) is the latest release..? is a CBBE 体型用(BBP)armor with a hat, very nice! we would like to own a x117 version or at least UNP skinny slider have no idea, probably, i got it while it was in development, with patches on pages in lolilabs topic but lastest version wasnt finished as i remember, some meshes missed textures, Alir armor not compatible with Jiiteks variant due to different body slots.
  12. There few sets which was in lolilabs/jiitek addons, but LDW also make his own version. Same armor name, different authors.
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