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Sexout no animation

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Hello, I have a problem with Sexout. I managed to get the "basic" sexout files, FOMM,BOSS,Modfusion,NVSE 3b and NVSE Extender, but when I talk to a character about sex, nothing happens :o The spoiler "button" isn't there, so don't kall me names, I'm new to this so that could explain it. Thnak you for your effort and time.


  • FalloutNV.esm DeadMoney.esm HonestHearts.esm OldWorldBlues.esm LonesomeRoad.esm GunRunnersArsenal.esm ClassicPack.esm MercenaryPack.esm TribalPack.esm CaravanPack.esm Sexout.esm SexoutLegion.esm SexoutPregnancyV3.esm SexoutCommonResources.esm SexoutSlavery.esm FalloutNV_lang.esp ASG.esp dressup.esp NV_AsharasFormalClothing.esp NWIxiaarmor1.esp Type3 Leather Armors.esp VegasChokers.esp Armor by Race w Undies.esp Body by Race.esp SunnyCompanion.esp Bouncing Natural Breasts.esp SexoutSex.esp SexoutBreeder.esp SexoutFadeToBlack.esp SexoutHookupsAlt.esp SexoutRapist.esp SexoutAffairs.esp SexoutNCR.esp SexoutKhans.esp SexoutStraponSex.esp SexoutKings.esp SexoutFiends.esp Vurt's WFO - SOB patch.esp sjs_bellydancedress.esp Type3MClothing_AddOn_only.esp Type3MClothing.esp SexoutPowderGangers.esp WesternWeapons.esp SexoutWorkingGirl.esp SexoutSS_C.esp SmallerTalk.esp SexoutSlavery_Adventures.esp SexoutZAZ.esp SexoutCompanions.esp SexoutLust.esp SexoutRapeGame.esp SexoutConsequences.esp msexVeronica.esp SexoutRex.esp SexoutRocket.esp SexoutDiscounts.esp SexoutSexkey.esp SexoutTrade.esp SexoutYield.esp SexoutDrugs.esp Total active plugins: 60 Total plugins: 87

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Do you have the sexout data fomod?


(Body/armor by race might also give you problems in future' date=' and get rid of clothing esp's that are covered by SCR.)



Do you have a link for that one? Those are all that I have on my comp atm. Okey, so no clothing mods? :P


Thanks :)

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The link for sexoutNG's data fomod is in the NG thread' date=' at the end - probably the OP too.

Clothing esp's covered by SCR are listed in the SCR thread's first post.



Hi again, I downloaded SexoutNG - Data, but it still dosn't work, it sure is some beginners mistake, but if you know how to fix it, it would be helpful, thanks anyway :)

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