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Body Alignment


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I have noticed that occasionally during the "act" that the bodies sometimes do not align correctly. The guys junk is poking the girls nose rather than mouth, he is caressing her tummy rather than penetrating when on top, her head is buried a little too far into the other girls loins during girl on girl oral, things like that. Its not a horrible thing I was just wondering if there was a simple correction.

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A simple one, not really.

Anim distances are pretty much based on a Type 3 Cali / Breeze's males bodies combo, although most T3 should be fine there. Aside from using other bodies, doing it anywhere else but a spacious flat area will also throw everything out of whack. IIRC, Astymma was gonna work out a manual repositioning system, but has time constraints & needs to wait for pride to put it in too.

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