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wickedwhims new update does not work ?

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On 1/14/2019 at 11:46 PM, purplesmurf said:

After the new update from yesterday, it wont work any others with this problem?

45 minutes ago, juanster5 said:

Im having the same problem, it shows up in the custom content list at the start of the game but nowhere to be found in live mode.



Did you reactivate Scriptmods and CCs in game settings? You need to reactivate 'hem after each patch.

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10 minutes ago, purplesmurf said:

I did,  reactivate, but it wont still work:/ hmm

Delete the 2 WW old files first.

Copy ONLY, the two New WW files into your Mods folder.

Delete localthumbcache.package from the EA/Sims 4 folder.


You could also try deleting the 2 old WW files first.

Load Game, Save Game, Exit.

And then do step 2 & 3 above.

(You might also need to delete the Wicked Save folder located inside the EA/Sims 4 folder).


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1 hour ago, purplesmurf said:

Found det reason, my sims cant update thats why.. and also i dont have the new get famous maybe also why it wont work ?

Wicked Whims doesn't require expansions to work.  I don't have Get Famous either and my game and WW run fine. 


Why can't you update your game?

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