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Kashiwaba Tomoe

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God damn it Greece' date=' get your shit together.

Zeus would be disappointed.



People fail to realize that the Greeks of today aren't the same Greeks of the Iliad as they have been slowly replaced throughout the centuries and the few that remain are being overrun by a mass of unwanted immigrants like I've never seen.

Real reason for the fall of any civilization really.

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Greece's financial troubles just won't stop, will they?


The ironic thing is if they weren't using the euro, they could default on their loans and take the economic hit. Suddenly the value of the Greek drachma plummets, everything in Greece becomes cheaper, and the country becomes a tourist hotspot. Over time, this helps bolster the economy and slowly bring the value of the drachma back up, and everything stabilizes. As it is, they're on the euro and their biggest loan contributors France and Germany won't let them default anything. This is intentional, as it makes Greece their bitch.


My heart goes out to you, Greece. You guys are the shit, and I love your food like whoa.

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Psh, it's not that hard to figure out. Most of my friends had the same ideas, though some with differing opinions on what Greece should do to remedy the problem. We're really not that oblivious to the rest of the world, it's just that the truly ignorant ones are way more vocal. It's like they think they can make up for their lack of understanding with volume.

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Actually I view a single world economy and goverment as inevitable, assuming we don't cause our own species extinction.


However I also don't view it as even a remote possibility for at least a few centuries, baring one nation successfully mounting a global conquest which at the moment leaves only the ChiComs as a real possibility and lets face it that'd just cause the extinction event I referenced earlier.

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Perhaps, but that's very long term, after we've blown each other to hell and back and there's so few of us left that no one could resist whoever takes over. But if you're looking forward to the days of a Star Trek style world government you're in for some huge disappointment. People don't work that way, no matter how much warm fuzzies we send out into the world. There will always be people who disagree with how that government works, and they would either break away and form their own or be stomped down by those in charge. It would be less Star Trek and more 1984.

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True, that is also a possibility, however best case scenario we get a global govermenet set up under a libertarian mindset, and it only manages the big decisions that affect the whole globe, sorta like the way the US Federal goverment represents a bunch (50) of otherwise quarreling states.


Of course, odds are much likelier that we'll annihilate each other, or get to live in an irradiated post apocalyptic wasteland.

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That would be one way to achieve peace on earth.


What you say about a libertarian global government is certainly a nice idea. But you know the problem with power, and those who have it aren't in any hurry to give it up. I'm in favor of smaller government, but I also think large countries aren't the way to go either. Hell, just look at the US. We're a scaled down version of a world government, and we rarely get along with each other. Cultures differ so wildly from one state to another that it's often difficult to believe we occupy the same country. This concept of a united people goes out the window when you realize we're only united because we salute the same flag. People argue over everything from gay rights to religious freedoms, from scientific advancement to how much money we should give to schools. United? Maybe when it comes time to vote for your favorite singer on American Idol. Everything else is up for heated debate.


Personally, I'd rather see the US divided up into individual countries that go their own way while maintaining diplomatic cooperation. The US is getting too big for its britches anyway, with economic collapse a bigger threat than anything a pack of third world terrorists can dream up.

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By all means' date=' secede from the US. I'd love to see how a state fairs on their own without any government assistance: no Social Security, no funding for military, schools, hospitals, libraries, national parks or national highways. It would be a really fun experiment, honestly.



Well, it all depends on the state, don't it? Some are net "givers", some are net "takers".


In my own country, the northlanders have been saying for a long time that they should get a bigger share of the wealth, since much of our national wealth originates from there, mines, forest, rivers that provide electricity etc. But then again, they wouldn't have been able to fully realise the potential of these resources withouth the social, economic and administrative capital of the south.


As for world goverement, I'm all for it, as long as it is federal and leaves most decisions up to states/nations/regions/whatever it would be called. For all it's faults the EU has kept us Europeans from killing eachother for the last 60 years or so, that alone is something like a first in world history. The fact that the EU puts it nose into stuff where it don't belong, and makes stupid decisions sometimes, is beside the point if we are debating it's existence rather than it's current policies.


And we don't all have to agree with eachother on everything to live under one goverement. A democratic and pluralistic society can work with differences between groups within the same area. As long as there is solid regional autonomy so not every region is cast into the same mould this can accomodate "special" groups and regions.

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By all means' date=' secede from the US. I'd love to see how a state fairs on their own without any government assistance: no Social Security, no funding for military, schools, hospitals, libraries, national parks or national highways. It would be a really fun experiment, honestly.



Texas, for example, would as an independent country, be the 15th largest econemy in the world.


Furthermore, the state does not run in a deficit like the federal goverment and ,amy US states, plus of course existing military bases, plus hardware if the split is amicable and national guard assets are left to Texas.


Schools, parks, hospitals, libraries, and highways ? ? They are already there, once again, rendering your statement utterly irreverent.


As for social security....... it has ALLREADY been replaced in Galveston County, Texas in 1980 and worked good. Which of course was why federal law was changed to stop any new counties from dropping out of it.




And furthermore, it still works without running massive debt like the federal social security system, which were it operated privately in the US would be illegal and the management arrested for operating a Ponzi scheme.


And to mention basic economics: Ponzi schemes (AKA Pyramid scams) are financially unsustainable.

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LoL, well then,, I'm from Texas and I couldnt agree more. heres a few other tidbits to fan the flames...


Texas does in fact sustain itself and many other states due to its manufacturing industry. this ranges widely from companies such as frito lay,Dr.Pepper to companies such as Texas Instruments, Dell and many others. Texas also has its own oil, our oil reserves were largely closed in the late 80's. around 70% of them.


Texas also maintains the right to sucession and is one of the few "states" to do so.

Texas legal documents still largely are headlined as "the Republic of"

roughly 60% of california's products come from Texas, also important to note, California's silicon valley actually has far less technologies and manufacturing facilities.


However, this is a moot point as no state in this union coould leave without full scale war and im not entirely sure the middle-east would be able to even hold a candle to what a civil war would look like stateside.


the american people have lost control of our government.. we dont elect our leaders.. our leaders elect each other.. electorial colleges sound like a good idea to streamline things, but in reality, they are just as corrupt as you would expect them to be. case in point, several presidents have een elected by electorial colleges that went against public concensus.


so all in all, worldwide i believe the expression is "back in line sheep" =(

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