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A full MBP1.4a, MBP++0.94a, and x117++0.78 all in 7z archive

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Hello all! 


Somehow, I have a MBP, MBP++, and x117 all in one races compilation 7z folder. WinRAR works for unzipping or to check the contents. The 7z also has omod conversion data that comes with it. I just want to make clear that I don't own the mods inside the folder and the contents of the folder were made ages before I got into adding mods to my oblivion, before I knew about this forum by people that are, or were, far more tech savvy than myself, AND that I don't remember where in the web I got this from but have used it on a previous Oblivion install without issue. I thought I deleted the folder like a fucking idiot. That being said, the 7z's a decently large 993MBs, I'll probably post a mega link somewhere and figure out how to break the copy of the folder into parts so that it can be downloaded on site for those that don't use mega. 


I didn't know which tags to use for this post, so I just used the ones that made the most sense to use. So, if I have used the wrong tags, someone kindly let me know so, if I can correct them, I will correct them. 


Good day ladies and gentlemen of lovers lab... 




here's that link: 


Edit 2: Here's the key



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@fejeena Oh, I didn't know a more recent version was on here! I would've kept the file to myself then and used the most recent one. I don't use all of the plugins myself whenever I use MBP, but others might. Anyway, I updated the screenshot to include what you wanted. I'll be sure to check out the link. Thanks 


Oh, an edit: So, I noticed something with this mod. When ever I used monster girl block head edition, despite all  of the data being installed correctly, the "divine attendant's" and chocolate elves eyes were, in layman's terms, screwed up. However, after installing my OUTDATED (to clearly inform those who are still thinking of using this) MBP, the eyes were fixed. I'm certain my MBP fixed the eyes because, I only used certain data within the OCO and MBP eye fix found on the mod nexus. 

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You can replace the MBP++ 0.94a with MBP++ 0.98a . Why not two all in one versions. In your version are not the same files as in the other version.


And the screwed up eyes are caused by the replacement of the vanilla eye meshes. There are at least 3 different frequently used eye meshes, and all 3 need different textures.

So if a Mod replace the vanilla eye meshes all other Mods that use the original vanilla eye meshes  will have screwed up eyes .

Best all new race mods only use their own files ( eyes-, hair-, ears-, head- mesh ), so you will have no conflict with other Mods and vanilla race replacer.


OCO change a lot vanilla meshes and textures and many race Mods will conlict with the changes ( if they use vanilla files )

And of course the load order: If you install OCO first and then a race Mod that also chance vanilla files  , the OCO races will be messed up.

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