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Craftable War Paints

Queen Bee

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I searched for this but found nothing, so I figured I'd throw out the suggestion and see if it's possible. What if you could put war paint on before battle, then take it off and throw on normal clothes and walk around town without looking like a freak? After all, for those who RP their characters, it must seem pretty weird to shop owners when someone with a skull pattern on their face is buying groceries.


What occurred to me is this: You craft your war paint the same way you would alchemy. Maybe have the dyes come from colored flowers or something. You then use those paints to craft a "mask" that is your chosen war paint pattern (skull, hand print, etc) that you equip like armor. Not very immersive to have it as an object in your inventory, I know, but beggars and choosers, all that. It wouldn't have to take up a head slot, I don't think. Hell, you could even enchant them and say they're magic paints.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Death threats?


Edit: Yes, I know I could just use the console command showracemenu, but I don't want to. I want immersion. I also don't want to pay a thousand gold to the face sculptor every time I want to change my war paint.

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What I'd really like is something like a makeup station, except more...I dunno, war-like and not as girly. Someone could make a custom animation of the PC dabbing paint on their face while you scroll through the available patterns. But I say this without knowing if that's even possible, or how much work it would take to make. It might not be worth the effort, even if you make them enchantable.

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