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Random Idle and other animations?


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Sorry for spelling erorrs ...i just suck at it >.<


Ok so i was wondering why no one has made a random idle,walk,run,jump,attack,& all the other motions ?


Not sure if you can even do it but if this idea helps at all ..


The idea if it makes a call to a file name with timed animation shorting that animation to 0.0001secs or something non noticeable . when it ends play random file from folder (insert application for random directory/file chooser), then it plays hopefully with out interfering with speed of every thing. if it does one can always slow down animations speed to catch up


idle activator animations probley are easier to do. there could at least be random sitting down animations attached to the item or a universal script or a on equip of item added to the players inventory then removed.Useing item by player or class race or npc name (npc not likley to be best as mods add npc's and they die and still would be in memory )


just wondering if this is possible to do ?

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Because it is not possible to extend the behavior normally.


These animations will need to include a script and Fnis .


Also, the playback of these animations(movements) defined in the Behavior.

In general you need to be a good programmer, animator and be able to work in several 3D programs to crank it all yourself.

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what about this? random generated chairs/furniture each with own sit animation associated to it cause i i remember in the ck the idle sit animation is attached to the furniture is that correct?


is there a skse command or script to replace a activator on the fly ?


and finis is a given all most all good animation related mods seem to have to use it .im not asking is it possible with no outside programs or app's

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Like it was already said, most of these ideas are good but Bethesda really gave us a big middle finger with Skyrim when it comes to adding new animations and this seems to have scared of alot of good animators which as a result slows the whole mod developement down. So don't expect any of these mods anytime soon.

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