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So I finally got New Vegas.......

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.... I think Bethesda has shown they're unable to make a fallout game.


Obsidian was playing on Bethesda's turf (or engine at least) and still made F3 look lame crippled and dying.


Any users who happen to work for bethesda, you should feel embarrassed right now.


Anyway onto the topic:


Who can guess what the FIRST mod I DLd was ? (note: not done first playthru yet, so it'll remain only mod for now too)

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My first 'fuck arround for a few hours to get the hang of any changes' characther easily went right up the highway, looped around the NORTH of vegas, and got the heads of two Feind leaders in the process, as well as a few deathclaw hands and a set of Mk2 combat armor off of a bandit.


Needless to say, yes, I did FPS my way through, however I deleted the cazadors because even later on with a serious characther in full T-51b they were easily doing massive damage to me, nearly matching deathclaws.


Also I must say I really approve of the way the main worldspace was scaled, actually is belivable unlike in F3/Oblivion and to an extent morrowind.

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I'm pretty sure the DEATHCLAWS are there to keep you from just running through Sloan to New Vegas. Not that it's ever stopped me, I almost always run the gauntlet with a level 2 character.


Personally, I play New Vegas more, but I can replay, from start to finish, Fallout 3 more often. NV's story is shit and I can't bring myself to actually finish the game, where as with Fallout 3, I look forward to finishing the main story so I can get into Broken Steel. I also enjoy the DC area more than almost all of the Mojave combined, because I love fighting in decaying urban environments.


Honestly, if Fallout 3 had the multiple ammo system of New Vegas and the ability to recycle (in vanilla, without modding), I'd be set.

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