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Great Mod Combination


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Just started a new game to try some new mods and thought I'd share the very interesting experience I just had.


I have Trade and Commerce installed with settings that makes it very difficult to make any money from selling anything. I decided to play with a non-combat female character and start at the bottom and try and make money by other methods.


I start with nothing but rags living in a tiny slum on the outskirts of Bravil, it's just a bedroll, a crate, and a sloped piece of wood.

An old man offers to sell a shack for 200 gold, it's not much but at least it has a roof. I start begging for gold but am only able to get the odd coin here and there and it's going to take a while, especially with having to buy food to stay alive. It's not long before I resort to selling my body for money in order to keep going. It still takes a while as people in Bravil don't have a lot of gold to spare, but I'm getting there and after 2 days have over 100 gold and am fairly optimistic.


Out of the blue, a mugger runs at me from an alley and starts to beat me up, my clothes get ripped off, and then he rapes me and runs off. I am left with nothing, no clothes and no gold.


A guard rushes over to me, I presume to check that I'm ok, but I am sent to jail for indecent exposure as I have no gold to pay the fine. In jail my day keeps getting worse.


I plan on persevering until I have enough gold to move to another city for some other pacifist gold making opportunities


So far this experience is unlike any other play through of Oblivion I've ever tried and is worth giving a go for anyone looking to freshen up the game a bit.


I'm still looking for more mods to compliment a non-combat, merchant style play through, particularly some way to employ bodyguards for travel, and new non-combat quests. Any further suggestions are welcome, adult natured or otherwise.

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That's a nice idea and a well written post with providing interesting links, so +thanks for you.


However, I have a question. I tried this approach myself but I found myself being quickly bored because Oblivion is IMO very bad at simulating everyday life. You can't really do much besides running around, chopping up enemies, searching for loot and doing quests. I mean, what do you do ingame? It's not like trading or talking to people requires much time. So after begging and selling yourself to NPCs... what else is there to do? I always ended up running to a nearby dungeon because I've ran out of things to do that don't require fighting.

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I agree with what you are saying. I tried this game style in Skyrim and got bored very quickly, but I feel the greater number and more developed mods for Oblivion make it more viable for this sort of thing.


With enough mods I'm trying to make it into an effective time-management business game. You first need to make sure you have expenditures: inns, house tax, the need to buy food, wages for guards, repair hammers for break undies and nudeshy, rapists and thieves etc. You then need to find the right combination of mods that give you an income: prostitution, renting out houses, farming, crafting, buying businesses etc. Disabling fast travel and a little roleplay helps a lot too.


As all mods were made individually, it's difficult to find a combination that is balanced and provides a challenge. Mods like Enhanced Economy that have a lot of customization really help here. I'm having fun so far. Not bored yet!

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Great addition, but a little unbalanced for my game. I can make 20-50 septims for prostitution, 100 or so for restaurant shift, 10 for local deliveries, or 1000 for dancing for a few seconds. I'll have a poke around in the CK and see if I can reduce the amount people pay. If so I'll be a great addition. Thanks!


Edit: Reduced all gold values to 10%, fits perfectly.

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