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About This File

First, let's get the obvious out of the way:


Bear in mind this is not an operational mod, it is merely an animation resource for modders to utilize while building one.


An explanation is in order for those who find the animations not lining up properly.


When we build these, they are aligned to specific body types and sizes. They work best if the end user is using the same in game, but will still work with other setups as well. ( just not quite as well ) For example, the female body used in my animations utilizes the UNP body at standard scale. As such, players using a UNP body in game at standard scale will see the animation pretty much as it was intended. Other body styles and sizes may / may not line up as well and adjustments may be required.


Dogs / wolves use the same skeleton, but vary in scale in game. The wolf is 20% bigger than the dog. As a result, animations tailored to the dog may not align as well for the wolf and vice versa.


Tails. I know everyone wants to see the Khajiit and Argonian tails animated, but they have proven to be problematic at best. While the animations can be created and look great in Max, they don't quite behave the same in game and have been a thorn in my side for a while now. Until I can figure out what is causing the issue, I will refrain from animating the tails for the time being. Sorry !


Apologies in advance for not having BBP, TBBP or another physics package for the Female Werewolf. We're all spoiled to it but the breast / butt bones do not exist ( nor the properly weighted mesh for that matter ) for the Werewolf skeletons and, as a result, the jiggle effect is unavailable until someone with more patience ( and insight on the Havok skeletons ) than I can create such an asset. Until then, you might consider the HDT options instead.


Acknowledgements and kudos to:


Ashal - For his outstanding work with the SexLab mod
Fore - For the FNIS modules without which, none of this would even be possible.
PanicForever - For inspiring me to get off my ass and finally learn 3DS Max ( and putting up with my questions / frustrations )
CGI,Heromaster,Antono - For coding the animation injector I use to test these with.


And all the folks who put countless hours into trying to make this a far more interesting place to play :D


The animations:


WW_Blowjob Scenes 1-5


post-103460-0-73922700-1392608058_thumb.gif post-103460-0-48626600-1392608073_thumb.gifpost-103460-0-67642200-1392608085_thumb.gif post-103460-0-90077900-1392608099_thumb.gifpost-103460-0-31547200-1392608116_thumb.gif


WW_Behind Scenes 1-3


post-103460-0-94534400-1392504686_thumb.gif post-103460-0-20124100-1392504754_thumb.gif


WW_Missionary Scenes 1 - 3




WW_OnTop_Scene 1 - 4


post-103460-0-67506100-1393804825_thumb.gif post-103460-0-65907900-1393810371_thumb.gif


Fire Atronach Scenes 1 - 7




Canine Three Position ( seven scenes: Back x 3, Side x 3, Top x 3 )




Standing Bear Position ( four scenes )




Lying Bear Position ( five scenes )



What's New in Version v5.0


  • v5.0 - Added the Lying on Back Bear animations
  • v4.9 - Added the Standing Bear animations
  • v4.8 - Added Three Position Canine animations
  • v4.7 - Added Atronach animations Scenes 6 - 7
  • v4.6 - Added Atronach animations Scene 1 - 5
  • v4.5 - Removed scripting files from the download section
  • v4.4 - Readded =< SLv1.39 test files
  • v4.4 - Added four chicken scenes
  • v4.3 - Added scene three to the missionary series
  • v4.2 - Added scene four to the ontop series
  • v4.1 - Added scene three to the ontop series
  • v4.0 - Added the Fem WW ontop and grinding animations
  • v3.1 - Fixed the Fem_WW_Sexlab_Testing file
  • v3.0 - Added Missionary and Legup positions, single stages
  • v2.0 - Added second Fem WW animation
  • v1.1 - Updated final scene to fix sliding foot problem ingame
  • v1.0 - Initial release

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