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About This File

I wanted to try and start my first own sex mod for CKII.

Thanks to all the modders and mods on this site as an source for inspiration.




I added some events for Sex with a loving wife and loving concubine.

Each of these event chains start with a event, in which you can choose how to start the act. You can start some oral, missionary, cowgirl or doggy style sex.

Every position is three events deep and can end in different climaxes.


Planned Features:

I plan to add some more events, which will add sex with lovers, concubines, normal spouses.



What's New in Version 0.3


Fixed some text mistakes.

Added the wife event Chain.

Added a WIP event.

Prepared some traits for future use. At the moment most of them shouldn't show up anywhere. Most trait Icons are from Herrings resource pack. Thanks for making that available.

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