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Sexlab Transparent Sex


What does it do?


This is a simple mod that allows you to make actors selected by gender and or creatures in sex animations so you can see through them. 


You can limit it to sex involving the player or for all sex acts.


You can control how transparent the selected actors become.


Actors are set to transparent at the beginning of the sex act and will lose their transparency when the sex act ends.


Ghosts are already transparent and will therefore be ignored by this mod.


Skyrim Special Edition (SSE)


This mod should work with Skyrim Special Edition, it uses nothing that hasn't been ported in at least a beta version for SSE already.  It may require opening in the SSE CK and saving but it's a one quest, one script mod so it's really nothing fancy that should mike it impossible to use. 


What is it useful for?


I see this as useful myself for aligning sex animations so you can see if there would be clipping with larger or longer schlongs on the actors. 


It also provides the nearest thing we can do to the requested "x-ray" view.



What's New in Version 1.0.1


Version 1.0.1 - Fixed bug where player gender had to be allowed to be transparent

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