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About This File

This is an animation skeleton mostly identical to XP32's incredible XPMS 1.93a MAXIMUM SKELETON (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26800/) with a small tweak that fixes the Crushed Butt bug that occurs during the three SexLab Rough animations (Rough Missionary, Rough Behind, Rough Doggy Style) on female characters.


Who should be using this:

You should only use this skeleton if you've installed the latest XPMS skeleton and noticed a female character suffering from a Crushed Butt bug when your game triggers a SexLab animation. This will not happen with all body mods, so far I know this bug happens to CBBE-TBBP body users. If you are not suffering from this bug, or if you do not care about any of this animations (or have them all disabled anyway) use latest XPMS version from the link above.


The downside of this version:

This version might cause an odd behavior in animations or physic systems which animate a female character's butt. The animation might play out somewhat differently than it's intended to.


A technical breakdown of the changes:

XPMS used to have BSLagBoneControllers attached to the PreButt bones up until version 1.61. This BSLagBoneControllers were removed in later versions. However some older animations which were included in SexLab actually animate this BSLagBoneControllers, which causes a Crushed Butt bug when this animations play on some of the body mods.


You do not need to download both files. One supports NMM installations and includes various weapon placements to choose from. The other is only the default weapon placements for an easy drag and drop installation.


Credit almost entirely belongs to XP32.

Other people who contributed are (copied from the Nexus page):

  • TheFigment. Without hkxmcd, any kind of hkx editing can't even exist!
  • Fore, for discussing this with XP32 in his FNIS thread although this has nothing to do with his project
  • CherryHotaling, pioneer of Bouncing breast in skyrim
  • mark19850124 a.k.a Dragonfly0124 or 哈哈笑笑 [the author of TBBP animation] for sharing his work (inspired XP32 to fix the skeleton design - about the hair and the cloak)
  • Dbfinder for RR&F, RigidBody of the skeleton have different settings from Vanilla
  • DarkPhoenix - for DSPSOB
  • Groovtama and Liuli for find and fix some issue

Special thanks from XP32 to Skulltyrant.

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