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About This File

This is a Simple 20 files Setup to have sex happen in Skyrim.


Its a very rude way of copy to the Skyrim/data folder or what ever folder is needed


Follow the printscreen and collect the files from 1 to 20, thats the most heavy part all files collected are with my setup 167 mb


Skse 1_07_03 Packed File , not executable
Hdt Physics Extension 53996-14-28
360walkrun Run towards Cam.
Fuz do Roh
JContainers v3.3
Nio = netimmerse override v3.4.4.374
UIextensions v 1-2-0-57046
Immersive Hud =Ihud-3222-3-0-03
Realistic Force-601-1-9 = Ragdoll
Fnis Behavior V6_2
Fnis Creature Pack 6_1
Racemenu V3-4-5-29624
Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 68000-3-82
SOS Schlongs of Skyrim - 3.00.004
Sexlab Framework V161b Full
SexlabMatchMaker.rev7 = for testing sex
Follow me for sex 1.6
Sexlab Aroused _V28a


For other install info see the forum. For Searching use Google !! or whatever you use to have results
I used CBBE for my setup.
Program - Tes5edit to clean your ESM files update , dragonborn , heartfire , dawnguard
Program - Loot to get the loadorder correct and get info about other possible problems
Program - BodySlide .


Credit goes to All mod makers of the mods In the list above , the creators of the programs and
all other people not mentioned that had a part in creating the possibillity to make Skyrim A wonderfull world.


Me, I am just me and hope I did nothing wrong..........

What's New in Version 0.01


  • Just the first time shared info, for those who wants to setup Skyrim without the use of a mod manager.

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