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[Sims 4] Zorak Sex Animations for WhickedWhims [08/3/2018] 2.6.4

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About This File

Zorak Sex Animations for Whickedwhims




I'm creating some animations for the awesome Whickedwhims mod.
I welcome suggestions for animations and locations you might want, if i like it, i will do it.


I'm now on patreon! You can read more about it on the patreon page and how i plan to do things. But basically it is for early access and supporting me while I start to create animation with a higher standard then before.


Animations that are included right now:
Total: 200+


NEW For this update 2.6.4

Loving Couple - Slow Missionary MF Vaginal Double Bed
Loving Couple - Faster Harder Missionary MF Vaginal Double Bed
BDSM Rest Pose 4 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 5 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 6 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 7 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 8 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 9 Teasing Floor
Yoga - Getting assisted from behind Vaginal Floor, Yoga Mat
Standing Blowjob Oraljob Sofa
Standing Blowjob Climax Climax Sofa
BDSM Rest Pose 10 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 11 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 12 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 13 Teasing Floor
BDSM Rest Pose 14 Teasing Floor
JukeBox Blowjob Oraljob JukeBox
JukeBox Cowgirl Arms up Vaginal JukeBox
JukeBox Cowgirl Arms on shoulders Vaginal JukeBox
JukeBox She is insistent Teasing JukeBox
JukeBox Handjob Handjob JukeBox
JukeBox Titfuck Teasing JukeBox
JukeBox Cowgirl Climax Climax JukeBox
Loving Couple - Climax Climax Double Bed
Face Fuck Oraljob Double Bed
Face Fuck - Climax Climax Double Bed
Forcefull Fingering Handjob Cell Bars
Forcefull Cunnilingus Oraljob Cell Bars
Handjob Next to the sleeper Handjob Double Bed
Blowjob Next to the sleeper Oraljob Double Bed
Cunnilingus Next to the sleeper Oraljob Double Bed
Doggy Next to the sleeper Vaginal Double Bed
Teasing Next to the sleeper Teasing Double Bed
Climaxing Next to the sleeper Climax Double Bed
Handjob - Couples Time Handjob Sofa
Blowjob - Couples Time Oraljob Sofa


Patreon early access animations (20+)

Kissing - Couples Time Teasing Sofa
Blowjob Oraljob Cashbag
Blowjob - Couples Time Oraljob LoveSeat
Handjob - Couples Time Handjob LoveSeat
Kissing - Couples Time Teasing LoveSeat
Nude Photo Shoot Teasing Photo Studio
Between The Thighs Teasing Cashbag
Handjob Handjob Cashbag
Missionary - Couples Time Vaginal Sofa
Caught in the act! Teasing Cashbag
Cowgirl Vaginal Cashbag
Cowgirl Climax Climax Cashbag
Missionart Climax - Couples Time Climax Sofa
69 - Couples Time Oraljob Sofa
Driver Seat Cowgirl Vaginal Ferrari
Scolding Teasing Floor
Thigh and hand Job Teasing Floor
Blowjob, man sitting on the floor Oraljob Floor
Cowgirl on the ground Vaginal Floor
Climax on the ground Climax Floor
Crouching Handjob Handjob Floor




And more over on the patreon

List of all animations included in the mod (Non Patreon)




Hey, I have totally forgotten to update this part for a long time, yes I'm very bad. But it all adds up to 200+ animations with the patreon, soon here as well.
MF Vaginal - Doggy kneeling
MF Vaginal - Standing Doggy (Two versions, 1 is faster than the other)
MF Vaginal - Drunken Doggy
MF Vaginal - Doggy All Fours
MF Teasing - Floor Teasing Buttjob
MMF Anal - Double Penetration
MMF Anal - Double Penetration Rough
MMMF Oraljob - Doubly Handy and a Windy
MMMF Anal - Double Penetration with a side of Blowjob
MMMMF - Group fun of 5 (Same as the one above, but with a handjob as well)
MMMMMF - Group fun of 6 (Same as the one above, but with an additional handjob)
MFF Vaginal - Floor Facesitting and Cowgirl
MF Anal - Floor Standing behind choking
MF Vaginal - Floor Missionary
MF Vaginal - Floor Cowgirl
MF Anal- Floor Reverse Cowgirl
MF Anal - Acrobatic Anal Fuck 1
MF Anal - Acrobatic Anal Fuck 2 (Faster version of 1)
MF Anal - Flat Doggy 1 (That works on both bed types and the floor)
MF vaginal - Standing Riding Fuck
MF Teasing - Standing Titjob
MF Vaginal - Rough Doggy 1
MFF Teasing - Double Thighjob (Floor)
MF Anal - Reverse Cowgirl Loving Anal 1


Dining Table
MF vaginal - Leghold (on the short end of a table)
MF Anal - Rough (it's a little more intense than i have done before)


Coffee Table
MF Vaginal - Sitting Loving
MMF Vaginal - Spitroast
MF Anal - Coffee Table Doggy
MF Anal - Coffee Table DP
MF Handjob - Coffee Table Handjob


Double Bed
MFF Oraljob - Threesome 1
MFF Oraljob - Threesome 1 Teasing
MFF Oraljob - Threesome 1 v2 (an animation between Threesome 1 and the Teasing animation)
FF Oraljob - Lesbian Oral 1 (Using the Female animations from Threesome 1 Teasing, as an option)
MF Teasing - Bed Teasing Handjob 1
MF Vaginal - Bed Riding 1
MF Vaginal - Bed Riding 2
MFF Anal - Bed Assisted Doggy 1
MF Vaginal - The Frog
MF Vaginal - The Frog 2


MF Vaginal - Cowgirl
MF Oraljob - Bathtub Licking


Massage Table
MF Handjob - Male Massage Handjob 1
MF Oraljob - Male Massage Blowjob 1
MF Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl 1
MF Vaginal - Male Massage Cowgirl 2
MF Handjob - Female Massage Fingering
MF Vaginal - Female Massage Missionary 1
MF Vaginal - Female Massage Missionary 2
MF Anal - Female Massage Butt sex
MF Climax - Female Massage Climax 1


MF Teasing - Window Teasing Buttjob (Same as floor teasing buttjob)
MF Vaginal - Window Leghold


MF Oraljob - Piano Blowjob
MF Vaginal - Piano Loveseat
MF Anal - Piano Anal


Fish Statue
F Handjob - Fish Statue Masturbation


Bar Stool
MF Anal - Bar Stool Anal


MFF Oraljob - Double Blowjob
MFF Oraljob - Double Blowjob Fast action edition
MFFF Teasing - Femdom Slow Footjob
MF Teasing - Sofa Titjob
MF Vaginal - Sofa Standing Side Fuck
MF Vaginal - Sofa Rough Cowgirl 2


Living Chair
MF Vaginal - Chair Reverse Cowgirl
MF Vaginal - Chair Reverse Cowgirl 2


MF Oraljob - Shower Oral 1
MF Oraljob - Shower Oral 2


M Anal - Mannequin Weirdo


MF Anal - Snowman Anal
MF Oraljob - The Snowblower (Snowman)


MF Oraljob - Tree Licking
MF Oraljob - Tree Blowjob
MF Vaginal - Tree Cowgirl
MF Anal - Tree Bentover


Bondage Devices
MF Handjob - Pillory Femdom Handjob
MMF Vaginal - Pillory Spitroast


Vertical Stockade
MF Oral - Hanging Upsidedown oral


Wall Mirror
MF Vaginal - Mirror Standing Doggy


Meditation Stool (by 0-Positiv)
F Vaginal - Meditation Masturbation


Hot Tub
MFF Oraljob - Hot tub blowjob with a side of fisting







I'm still learning and all animations are a little rough and will probably be edited later on as i get better. There are some animations that are a little extra rough that will get more love as i get better.


If you download the animation package i hope you enjoy it, the plan is to make it bigger over time. I would appreciate feedback of any kind. Animation, spelling, ideas for other animations or locations is all welcome as feedback.


Recomended mods:
Bondage Devices by azmodan22
Needed for the Bondage Devices animations to work.




Custom locations on objects. (For placing the dildos on) by 0-Positiv


You need the WhickedWhims mod for it to work.


Known Issue
- Few facial animations on older animations. But will be fixed overtime.
- Few Sounds on older animations, but more is added with each update


And lastly a very big thank you to TURBODRIVER for making the whickedwhims mod and helping me when i got stuck trying to make the animations work with the mod.


What's New in Version 2.6.4



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