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  1. Start a animation with two sims. Press one of them Press invite someone to join you Or something like that.
  2. Alright, will try to see if i can fix it. ty Sorry, never experienced it myself. would love to help you, but i have no idea how to.
  3. Hey. There might come an update this month. Or should at least. But i haven't heard anything about it not working at the moment, is that so?
  4. Haha oh no. I kinda skipped using a custom object for it as cutting a hole through a table would pretty much do nothing. But i should probably look at only allowing some coffee tables to be used with it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
  5. Sims 4 Animations Suggestion


    Teasing, Cunnilingus, BJ, Vaginal, & Anal Sex in and around the Pool.

    M/F, MMF, MFF, and MMFF.


    Just a suggestion and something that I would love to be able to add.

  6. Depends on what the animator have used for that animation. It have to have been animated and applied to the animation. If they used SFX that's what you get, if they used nothing there is nothing. But if they spent the time to use the cum mesh, there will be a cum mesh animation. If you are sure the animation should use the cum mesh but isn't doing it. Then there is something else wrong, but I cant help you with that sadly. Im not very up to date with what other animators use for their climax animation. But i personally only use the cum mesh, and it takes a lot of extra time to animate it. At least for me. So I can image some dont use it to save time. So no, it wont apply on animations or features that have not been made to use it.
  7. no, just the latest. I generally have both the new and the old files up at the same time, incase the new one is bugged.
  8. Thank you guys ^^ Hmm, you might have been trying with a gravestone that done work. I thought i had made it for several, but now that you mention it, it might only work for the one called "Upright Classic Headstone" Will fix that in my descriptions. Sorry about that. See if you can find it on this one.
  9. Hey everyone! It's giant update day. I have not idea why it have taken me this fucking long to update here... Life have kinda gotten away this year. But i finally took the stick out of my butt and sat down to make a proper update here. So because it have been like 9 months since last update, there is a lot of new animations. 83 to be precise. It was around 70, i think i accidentally had some counted twice in my list. I hope you like them! List of animations added: Some screenshots from this update: (43)
  10. Hey! Yes this one is a little tricky. Because it is a big object the sims cant get close to the center of it. But there is a way to do it. 1. Start an animation next to it. 2. Press the luminary's exotic water thingy 3. Click change location. This should have the sims teleport onto it. Hope this helps!!
  11. Sorry if I have missed a post about this. I can't get any of the Luminary's animations to work. The sims just wave their arms and shrug like they can't get to the water garden even when it's completely accessible.

    1. Zorak42


      Ah no worries, it is a hard one. 

      Start a animation next to it. Like a kissing one or something.


      Then press on the pond and press change location. That should fix it for you. :)

  12. Hmmm, i have no idea, i actually havent done anything to get that result ^^ Interesting to hear tough, thanks for sharing and thanks for the compliment.
  13. I see were you are coming from, but i still don't like it. But i do see your point about using the tagging system in WW. It's not something i have given much thought about, and i might start using the WW tags in the future for what i think is relevant for my animations and content. But i will not, as stated before, support that type of content, with the tags. It's just not something i feel right doing. Edit: Changed a sentence to be more clear on what i meant.
  14. Ah hey, kinda forgot about it. First off i did not know you were asking for the sake of your own mod, thought at first it was a new feature for the WW mod, i guess it actually is in a way. I dont have signatures on for the forum, so did not get that hint. So you should have explained that. Second, this is something you could have asked and explained in DMs i guess, easier for me, just a personal preference. Third, I'm sorry, but i just have too much on my plate right now, i cant spend the time necessary to go through all my animations, i don't even know how many i have. Also i try to create all my animations that could look forced or aggressive to be light on that side, so it can be an obvious "role play" situation for the sims or a porno shoot or the like. I actually don't like or really support actual forced or rape content, i get that it is a kink and not real life we are talking about. But I still dont like it. I got requested those kind of animations too many times, so i had to put a disclaimer on my patreon page that i don't accept it. I'm sorry to say it, but no, i wont do it. Nothing personal, just my lack of time and preference of that type of content your mod is for.
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