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Poor Maya was a little princess,
when her father decided to sell her kitten to the kittenslayer.
She became very sad and ran away from her court and her beloved mother.


When she realized that it was dark, she sought protection in a mine. She found something to eat and a bedstead and saw a small flute in the corner. She took the flute and played a familiar note on it . Suddenly, she was surrounded by all sorts of little comical beings, those with whom her kitten always wanted to play. The little rackers came to cuddle with her and she willingly allowed herself to the lovely game. After a while, Maya realized that the rackers wanted more, they tore and tugged at their clothes. Piece for piece they blown their breasts and dearly touched their nipple with their tongues.


Maya did not know what to do.


She was accustomed to this game by her kitten, on the other hand, these were not kittens, they were more like .....


Now it is your time, can you help Maya.
And what about this flute?

Dont kill the rackers , they should be tame.


when they get wild, try to hide, they might get tame again.


Look for the flute, once you find it, you will get a spell.


If you use it on a NPC or creature up to 11 rats come to the place your in and try to make nasty things.


Since the rats are vulnarable, choose your places for them well.


They dont follow, they just teleport to you.
They are tame to the targeted NPCand try to gangbang her (him?)





You find Maya at Karthwasten .


Sexlab Aroused




Creature Framework




Cumshots Scoclb


Sexlab Cumshots

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