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[XCL] Curio's Outfit Expansion (NOW PART OF BASE GAME) 1.0.4

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About This File

As of X-Change Life version 19 this mod is part of the base game! I'm beyond happy to have my mod included in Aphrodite's game, but my work is not done!


Future Plans! I will work on completing the expansions for Jia and Ella and then upload them as a new file called Curio's Outfit Expansion Vol. 2. I will update this page again when that is created in case you want to follow this page for information.


After Jia and Ella, I plan on working on Jade and Scarlit, then get to Cassidy. At some point I may do another big Lana update as well. Be well and come hang out in the game's Discord if you want to keep a closer eye on this mod's development.




This mod also adds well over 70 new outfits for both Lana and well over 130 for Liya, Rae, Mia, and Alina! In addition to new outfits, there are plenty of upgraded images for in-game ones! Jia and Ella also get dozens of new outfits and upgrades!


Buying all of the new outfits will probably slow your wardrobe selection down at the least. Think of this as adding more variety to choose from, which could be very useful considering the new matching handbag mechanics as well as future mechanics that incentivize having a large wardrobe.


Thanks to: Chuck (who I learned how to make this mod from), Onion (patient early outfit guidance), Hi, It's Me (Goddess of AI), Riskybisnu (Goddess of outfit hunting), Ebiora (Goddess of XCL outfits), and Aphrodite (Goddess of Goddesses).



Download the "Curio Expansion Mod.zip" file and place it inside the X-Change game folder.
Add it with Mod-loader and then click load mods
Note: if using this mod on a pre-existing save, it may take a full week of in-game time for the outfits to show up as available to purchase.


Important Note: the STANDALONE download options install the same way the Curio Expansion Mod does. You do not need those if you install the main Curio Expansion Mod. They are only here in case you want to just download the outfits of a single girl.

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What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


Now part of base game! Curio's Outfit Expansion Vol. 2 will be available soon!

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