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Brrtz - Chaos theory mod 1.0.6 Beta

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Do you want more characters on X-change, not just yourself, well, now you can!
The mods have two modes, Beards and Dickgirls. In Beards mod you can interact with the bargirls in their male forms, they can even give you some pills. 
In the dickgirls mode, the girls have a dickgirl variation and can fuck-you as a girl and even have the same relationship with you as any male NPC, even impregnate you.

You have two modes to play: dickgirls and beards, you choose it in game options. In Beards is like the girls taking a blue pill, you interact with them as females and can seduce them to pill themselves so you can interact with their male counterparts. They reset their gender for the following day (unless they invite themselves to your house). For the dickgirl mode they can interact with you as female (if the character is male), or dickgirls (if the character is female).
Unfortunately- there are no interactions for transforming male NPC in Females. If the game creates any generic mod to interact with the females I can do a version.

The spirit of the mode is Chaos, many random variables will play (see that the NPC's have a "visibility" status, that can make many decisions go everywhere for good or bad), no minigame alternative, just luck). 


  • Note: this is a beta version, and may have many bugs.  
    I do accept suggestions for the correction of the bugs.
  • Note II : All my mods are fully compatible with each other. But I can forget to edit out copyright information, which the mod loader interprets as a conflict.   You can ignore it in all my mods.
  • I consider this mod on Creative Commons, feel free to edit and create over this mod, only give me credit when offering it publicly.


Also, enjoy xxx Taylor Nicole, and Viola Costa as bar girls.

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What's New in Version 1.0.6 Beta   See changelog


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