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An addon for milk mod economy. Whenever you eat corpses as a werewolf ( and perhaps the ring of namira too), or drink from a corpse as a vampire, you will receive free milk based on the race you bit into. 





The mcm has sliders where you can determine how much milk gets added, and other conditions like having to be a milkmaid, or only draining milk from female targets.


The "special types" slider determines the potency of the milk, and they are connected in a way so that all the sliders will add up to 100%, For example, if you set the "tasty" slider to 85%, then you only have 15% left to distribute to the other milk types. Good for if you want common milks to be common and rare milks to be rare.







It was designed to have Moonlight tales, Finally usable ring of Namira, and Better vampires as masters, but when I went into x edit I was able to remove the masters so hopefully that makes it compatible with everything now. Just be sure to arrange your load order in a way that lets the MME feed Addon overwrite things, because it has some scripts in it.


Also this is a custom mod that I had someone create for me a few years ago, so I don't know how to update it if Skyrim or MME gets any changes. The source code is there so maybe someone else can handle it though.


I've only tested in skyrim SE. I don't know if it works for LE skyrim or AE skyrim but hopefully it does.

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