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An edit of Kreiste and Novelyst's HIMBO body that has the anus geometry and internal mesh from Acro's CBBE 3BA transplanted to it. Fully weight painted and compatible with SexLab, etc animations. Based on version 5.3.1






If you've ever felt that male Skyrim body replacers have been neglected by modders when it comes to sex animation collision and physics and wanted some of that for your male characters, this mod is for you. HIMBUTT is based on version 5.3.1 of HIMBO, and specifically its High Poly SOS variants. As such, it has slider parity with its parent version. HIMBUTT itself has four variants:


  • HIMBUTT Body - SOS High Poly (No pec, belly or buttock jiggle)
  • HIMBUTT Body - SOS High Poly Phys CBPC (Jiggle physics - CBPC version)
  • HIMBUTT Body - SOS High Poly Phys SMP (Jiggle physics - SMP version)
  • HIMBUTT Body - SOS High Poly Phys SMP Col (Jiggle physics - SMP version with SMP collision shapes)



The two anus sliders from 3BA, Anal Loose and Anal Back, have been included. In addition, HIMBUTT has two additional UV sliders added to it to help the placement of anus textures.


Demonstration of sliders






To make anus physics work, you will need CBPC and to install the HIMBO V5 - Physics Setup archive by Allnarta. Do note that the physics archive will replace your skeleton.hkx with one based on version 4.80 of XPMSSE. You will also need CBPC Separate Anal Collision.


Demonstration of anus collision physics by Allnarta

















Kreiste and Novelyst for HIMBO

Acro for CBBE 3BA

Allnarta and WhiskersIsCat for testing, screenshots and physics troubleshooting

Trivu and pilfit for technical advice

Cloud and Proud for name suggestion

DeiMorphius for testing and initial request to make the mod





Edited by donnerwetter

What's New in Version 1.1.0


03/05/2024 - Fixed some slider issues in the main file, added optional "Amplified Anal Weights" archive that has amplified anal weights for wider gape (see screenshot)

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