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Devious Devices Escape Overhaul 0.6.3

About This File

This is an in-development mod. Please, read the notes section.


I've never quite liked the way DD framework handled escaping from devices. It puts me out of controls as a player. Then I had my time playing with the mod "Devious Lore" which provided a good alternative, putting me back in control. However, I didn't feel fully satisfied with it so I've decided to create a mod that would handle escaping (and escaping only).


Current features:

  • By pressing a configurable hotkey you can open an escape menu. There you can choose what device you want to escape from.

  • Three supported ways of escaping from a device: unlocking with a key, struggling out of a device, or picking its lock.

  • To unlock a device, you must succeed in a minigame. You have to balance a key in order to unlock a device via a minigame.

  • Struggling is implemented as a minigame where you are supposed to guess in which direction you should move your body to weaken the device by pressing W, A, S, and D. Each attempt to guess costs you a bit of stamina. Failing or succeeding to struggle out of a device exhausts your character (configurable).

  • Picking the lock is implemented as an actual Skyrim's lockpicking minigame! Beware that you have only one shot at picking a lock before failing. Breaking the lockpick may jam the lock.

  • Lock repairing minigame.

  • Difficulty and availability of all escape methods are based on DD's settings as well as various settings provided by this mod.

  • Wrist restraints (also known as heavy bondage) can be configured to prevent certain ways of escaping from them. They can also block ALL lockpicking.

  • Blindfolds and bondage mittens can make it harder (or even impossible) to escape in certain ways.

  • NPCs can assist player in escaping from a device (not fully finished).


Devious devices 5.0 and its requirements.


  • The mod is currently in a relatively early stage of its development. Expect bugs to happen. Escaping from devices may feel too easy or too hard because I didn't spend a lot of time balancing the difficulty. Try adjusting DD's difficulty levels to your liking and see if it helps.
  • Although the mod is called an overhaul, it doesn't modify DD framework itself (almost). The standard way of escaping devices is still there.
  • The mod supports only generic devices. Non-generic and quest devices aren't properly supported for obvious reasons (you can enable a setting to bypass them, but it is recommended to do so only if a mod explicitly suggest that you have to struggle out of a device).

Known issues

  • Devices with lock shields aren't normally supported. Unfortunately, it is a limitation cause by DD framework.
  • Lock timers aren't supported. This means that if a timer elapses, this mod won't recognise it. Unfortunately, it is a limitation cause by DD framework.

Planned features (these are supposed to be added at some point of time in the future, priority order)

  • Finish NPC support
  • Possibly add magical means of escape



@S.MayLeR - Russian translation

What's New in Version 0.6.3


 - Updated RUS translation by @S.MayLeR.



 - Fixed: Lockpicking option will properly show up when escaping a device on your own.


 - Updated RUS translation by @S.MayLeR.



 - Fixed: Lockpicks should now be returned properly after lockpicking.



 - Fixed: Breaking a device on a NPC should work properly now.


 - Uploaded RUS translation by @S.MayLeR.


 - Added: PC can now remove restraints from NPCs.
 - Added: NPC interactions can now be disabled.
 - Added: NPC now handle manipulated devices properly.
 - Changed: When trying to escape a device on your own, if an escape method is not available, it will not be displayed.
 - Changed: Health/Stamina/Magicka weights' maximum values are now double the PC's max.
 - Fixed: The mod should now be able to select 'complex' devices based on their components (e.g. A collar with nipple chains should now be properly selected by both 'collar' and 'nipple piercings')
 - Fixed: DD's random events should no longer trigger during minigames.
 - Fixed: Unlocking minigame was using incorrect device properties for difficulty.
 - Fixed: Breast yoke should now be handled properly.
 - Fixed: Chastity devices will prevent interactions with piercings (damned inconsistencies in the framework).


 - Added missing scripts. NPCs should now work properly.


 - Uploaded RUS translation by @S.MayLeR.


 - Fixed: UI elements should now be displayed properly when wearing a blindfold.
 - Fixed: If a key is broken while unlocking the lock, the exhaustion will be based on how much stamina you have expended (it used to apply exhaustion equivalent to running out of stamina).
 - Fixed: Added proper handling of non-lockable plugs.



 - Added/Changed: Made use of a change in DD5 which is not available via API to speed up device lookup.



- Added: NPCs can now remove devices from the PC. This feature respects settings from the 'devices' page (E.g. if you disable lockpicking for armbinders and ask an NPC wearing an armbinder to pick the lock, they won't be able to do it).
 - Added: Options to disable/enabled ability to repair locks when wearing certain devices independently of lockpicking setting for respective devices.
 - Added: (In debug tab) Option to allow escaping from quest devices. Mainly intended to make mod usable in scenarios when you are required to struggle out of a device. Removing quest devices may break other mods.
 - Added: (In debug tab) Option to allow escaping from devices with shielded locks. Do note that it simply ignores the shield.
 - Added: Option to lock MCM while wearing devices.
 - Fixed: Key bindings should no longer reset.

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