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  1. Rotating quicksave could be modifying something in load procedure, can't say for sure. When you load a save, this mod saves the scan code of the key which is currently assigned to 'System menu' (or whatever it is called). It is later used to close lockpicking menu when you are not allowed to pick locks. When developing the system, I've noticed that calling TapKey() for a key for the first time after loading a save seems to fail. Thus the mod calls TapKey() for 'System menu' key once. There seems to be no problem with TapKey() in your case, so the game thinks that you've actual
  2. This is indeed caused by this mod. Are you using LE or SE? (I've tested only for LE, though it is probably compatible with SE).
  3. IIRC, it also offers a better optional solution to the problem which memory patch is supposed to solve (disabled by default). It has an option to replace all memory allocations with malloc() calls.
  4. I'm also experiencing clipping when the maiden is closed. Mainly legs stick out. I've also played around with its debug menu. Open/close/get out work fine. Test visor seems to decrease FOV and lock camera's rotation. Visor on/off don't seem to have any effect. Resetting seems to unlock camera's rotation, but the FOV is not reset. I'm gonna guess there are some bugs with it, unless it's incomplete.
  5. No, the ooze simply doesn't match the body. I'm not well versed in 3D modelling, but if I had to guess, I'd say the issue is probably caused by the textures. Got it. I've tweaked the config though (IIRC, I've enabled a couple of fixes which are disabled by default).
  6. By the way, regarding the issue with finalizing the contracts. Not sure if it was fixed. I believe if you sign the worker contract in Misa's office, it calls SetStage(198) somewhere. It prevents PC from changing their mind later because the line leading to the final decision is not available if the stage 198 is set.
  7. There is a video walkthrough a in the FAQ section. Do note that the sequence to start up the pump is randomly generated when the mod is first initialized. So you have to guess it, walkthrough won't help with it.
  8. 0.7.3 LE. CBBE. Batch built the group. The ooze now doesn't align with the body at all. The one from 0.7.0 worked quite well except for hands.
  9. DD5 now contains all parts of the framework (assets, integration, expansion, contraptions). I believe it is true for SE as well.
  10. Then do tutorial quests. You can put any explanations into dialogues. Or you can force players to read a book via a tutorial quest by making it impossible to progress without actually reading the book and understanding what is written within. I mean, you have to write a guide somewhere anyway. Well, GNU GPL is a common license for open-source applications. Unless you want to prevent others from using your code in certain ways, it is what I'd go for. CC 3.0 doesn't allow you to prevent others from using, sharing or modifying the product (to my understanding). As for other lice
  11. Looking at the nylon bodysuit via Bodyslide, something seems to be wrong with it.
  12. LE Pointed out that it should be an option, just in case. I guess I wasn't clear here. And haven't noticed that they probably use the same mesh. I was saying that P-50 catsuit straitjacket and P-50 transparent catsuit straitjacket seem to have the same texture of the transparent version. I'm assuming P-50 catsuit straitjacket is supposed to have non-transparent bust area. Otherwise, it's just the same item with a different name. Of course, I may just fail to see the difference.
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