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  1. Several posts that I read, all in Russian, and they also described the problem of translating .esp-files, and not scripts (i.e. .pex-files) (strange that we don’t discuss scripts, but if this is not the case, then I didn't come across information about the translation of scripts). And yes, this is only for one script that I specified (UDCustomHeavyBondage_EquipScript). Initially, I translated using "xTranslator", but realizing that it could not translate the modification correctly, I also used "ESP-ESM Translator", trying to save in different encodings, but, as you can see, I was unable to do
  2. I don't feel like a fish in water in this topic, as I understood, it's all about the encoding, if you used UTF-8 encoding when creating your modification, then in my case this script will not be translated into Russian, but in the case of Windows-1251 encoding, this problem can be avoided. I understand that., but maybe I'm very wrong... Alas, I didn't hear the answer under my post with the translation of your modification and thought that maybe you know the solution.
  3. Good day, @ihatemykite. I apologize for the google translator. I'm translating your modification into Russian, but I ran into one problem related to the UDCustomHeavyBondage_EquipScript script - it doesn't want to be translated into Russian (i.e. into Cyrillic). I tried translating in the following encodings: Utf-8, Windows-1251, Windows-1252, but none of them prevents the display of hieroglyphs instead of Russian letters.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It just used to be enough that you just ask the innkeeper, and then someone from the loremongers would appear on the square.
  5. Hell, after some versions of this modification, in this version, it seems that the innkeepers finally had the necessary dialogues, but none of them heard anything-at all. In all the holds. In a few days. And shops, laboratories, etc. were closed, and remained closed. Maybe I'm the unlucky one, huh?
  6. What's the point? Some players use one or more different armors. And why? Because it is practical to have one (for example) and practical (tautology), and not constantly switch from one to the other. Also, it is worth noting that in this case, DDE and DCUR are simply not needed visually, since ordinary armor is responsible for this. It's simple.
  7. I use Google Translate. Good time of day. I don't know if other people have written about this, but what I noticed in the new version of the mod: 1. Some new NPCs have problems with head and body color mismatch. 2. The hands in the rope restraints turn black. 3. The carriage in Dawnstar "lives its own life" - the horse is separate, the coachman is separate, the cart is separate and cannot be used. It’s strange. 4. Quest with Vekel (possibility) - when all 15 piles of garbage are removed, 1 simply will not disappear (there are no problems with the quest) It will be "funny" if
  8. There is such a course of events - any thing (be it armor, clothing or weapons) from the mod (and maybe lore) can fall through the textures (of the same mods). 😅🥴 upd: Does this happen often? Yes, if it comes to things from mods.
  9. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this armor is also from the mod. And in two cases out of three, the armor simply fails. Another common case is any location from the mod (google english, damn...)
  10. It's good that the mod began to work much faster, as well as increased functionality - the choice of blocked devices. But I would also like the function to return - "take off the armor / clothes, instead of falling", since some of them just fall through the textures of the same mountains, walls, etc.
  11. I also used @stas2503 translation into russian for the SE version. I hope no one minds about this? 😅 Devious Mimic Clothing SE 1.4.1 RUS.rar
  12. @Mister X it is possible that @stas2503 is busy right now, so based on his translation, I made a translation into russian of the new version of your modification. I hope no one minds about this? 😅 Devious Mimic Clothing LE 1.4.1 RUS.rar
  13. And not only them, also missing Liara T'Soni's mask. Maybe there are problems with other things as well. (Bad English)
  14. No, it’s just not possible to use the modification because it works on the basis of DD devices.
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