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About This File

my/a custom hdt female nif file with breast, belly and ass active physics effect that also supports node scaling , also includeing the HDT script file and dll file

What's New in Version .2


  • Captain something too report added file tags
  • cos this noob forgot
  • put your self in the brig private..
  • And sir we now have a file archive and the hdt.dll included
  • good too know private, now get in the brig.. forgetting tags
  • ... PRIVATE the hell is the file called now
  • tell me after you finish coughing..
  • HDT-PE-B,B,G-WNSC is the name sir
  • it sounds stupid private what's it mean
  • HDT physics effect belly,boob,glute with node scaling compatibility
  • so why did we not say that
  • too easy sir

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