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LuxuriaFantasia Event Pictures Overhaul (skyrim) 1.0.4

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About This File

Description - This mod just replaces every event picture with Skyrim screenshot. I find event pictures too inconsistent, so I decided to make my own set, again.... I follow the ratio of Luxuria event themselves, so there shouldn't be anymore out of bound stuffs.


Issue - If you have my old overhaul for Fantasy and Dark World, some images might repeats. I recycle some of my older picture into this one. Other than that, this should runs fine with Fantasy and Dark World.

- Like before, some images might seem out of place. This was made with consistency in mind, not accuracy.


Installation - 1.0.2 is now a submod. It will acts as a mod, no longer need to overwrite original pictures.

What's New in Version 1.0.4



- Added missing picture for Futa learning trait.

- Applied watercolor to all events to make it more similar to CK2 style.

- Encode in BC1/DXT1 to decrease file size (about 75% less)




- Added custom portrait for Brielle.

- Lynness event picture now resemble her portait.

- First night event picture change.

- Anal creampie event picture change.



1.0.2 - Took lockeslylcrit advice and made it into a submod for LuxuriaFantasia


1.0.1 - Really small changes, just two pictures that I forgot to update for final version.

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