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Port of MK11 Blood Magic outfit to Skyrim LE. Body type is UUNP with Bodyslide files included.

Textures are 4K compressed to DXT5. Additional archives contain optional 4K uncompressed and 2K compressed versions of the textures.

Ground / Inventory models for the armor have 1K compressed textures to reduce performance lag in the inventory menu.



Dawnguard DLC
HDT Physics Extensions and its requirements
NetImmerse Override (this is included with Racemenu if you use it)
Latest XPMSE
Bodyslide and its requirements (only if you intend to make use of the Bodyslide files)
UNP-compatible skin textures



Eyes Glitch Fix
Mod makes use of the Invisibility affect which can cause your character's eyes to glitch out. The mod above is one of a few different mods that can fix this.
Alternatively, entering Showracemenu will restore your eyes if the glitch occurs.






Adds the Blood Magic outfit as a set of light armor. To acquire the armor, seek out a coffin "chest" in Lord Harkon's chamber in Castle Volkihar. The chest appears in both the normal and "bossfight" versions of the room. Alternatively, the armor can be crafted at a forge if you possess the Daedric Smithing perk.

Once the base armor has been acquired, take it to the forge to create the Enchanted version, which features several new enchantments for Vampire characters designed to boost your vampiric abilities. NPCs and non-vampire player characters will not be able to make use of these new spells and effects.

The enchanted version can be made combining the base armor with a filled Black Soul Gem, and requires the Arcane Smithing perk. The enchantments (aside from the Full Set effect) can be learned with Disenchantment and applied to other equipment pieces at the Enchanting table.

The unenchanted armor is tempered at the workbench with Ebony Ingots, and the enchanted version with Potions of Blood. Tempering either version of the armor requires the Daedric Smithing perk. 


List of all effects, by set piece:

-Debilitating Aura: While the Vampire is in combat, nearby hostile enemies will have their physical defenses decreased by 25 and magic resistance decreased by 50%.
-Parasitism: When at less than 25% health, the Vampire gradually absorbs Health and Magicka from nearby foes.

-Augmented Lifedrain: Vampiric Drain spells are three times as powerful.
-Blood Bounty: Grants the Vampire a 5% chance when killing a humanoid target to acquire one Potion of Blood.

-Swift Shadows: The Vampire moves 50% faster while sneaking.
-Shroud: When sneaking out of combat, grants Invisibility and muffled footsteps to the Vampire.

-Spellbound Swarm: Each time the Vampire casts a spell in combat, summons clouds of bats that attack nearby enemies for 5 seconds. Effected enemies become afraid and flee for its duration.
-Hemotoxic Weaponry: The Vampire's melee attacks deal poison damage and reduce enemy stamina regeneration by up to 75% for 60 seconds. This effect cannot apply to poison-immune targets.

-Swiftwing Cloak: Grants the power "Rush of Wings". This spell cloaks the Vampire in a swarm of bats that doubles movement speed and negates fall damage for 5 seconds, at a cost of 10 Stamina per second.
-Savage Bloodlust: While under Stage 4 Vampirism, weapon damage and Destruction spells are twice as powerful, and critical hit chance is increased by 20%.

-At the start of combat, automatically summons a Blood Fiend to aid the Vampire for 30 seconds. Increases fire resistance by 50%.




The enchantment effects are based on vanilla mechanics and values, and might function differently depending on whatever Magic/Perk/Vampire overhaul mods you have installed. If you notice anything game-breaking when used in conjunction with such a mod, let me know and I will try to make a patch for it.


Since this mod makes use of scripts for some the enchantments, I recommend completely unequipping all pieces and saving your game before uninstalling the mod or deactivating the mod's ESP. Otherwise, this mod should be safe to install and uninstall mid-playthrough.



You are free to make and upload any modification to this mod as you wish. This includes conversions to other bodies, retextures, ports to SE / other games, patches to work with other mods, etc. You don't need to ask me beforehand but I would appreciate if you gave credit to me and the others listed in the credits section below. 
I am fine with the re-uploading of this mod's files to any non-Nexus site, but again would prefer that you list any necessary credits. 


Rotten-Eyed on deviantArt for the model rip
Vicn for his Creature Resource Pack
dint999 for the HDT PE rig used for the skirt physics 
Ousnius and Caliente for UUNP and Bodyslide

Last three screenshots created and submitted by Kali

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