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Pilgrimage (Mass Effect story) Part 3



Months has passed since Shana was living naked in a container and forced to be a whore in degradated conditions, Shana was starting to lost the trail of time.
She once tried to escape from captivity, but got caught by the watchful guards and as punishment they injected her some modified Hallex, a drug that provokes euphory, but for her state of spirit she got depressed really quick and altered her mind, similar to the effects that Asari "CumBucket" suffers.
Now She's addicted to Hallex, her mind feels numb most of the time and she accepted the way she lives, willing to obey and offering herself so that she can get her daily dose... At least she' thinks that she accepted...

Every night, after finishing her services and receiving her daily dose of hallex, she keeps talking to herself, trying to remind her old life, like a distant fading memory, she forgot every name that she knew in the Flottila, She forgot which Ship she was born, the pilgrimage, almost everything. She can remember parcially her name, She knows that she is called Shana...but people Called her "Filthy Quarian Cocksucker".

Shana confused she assumed that her full name is Shana'Cocksucker, and she reminded that she must suck dicks and swallow...for some reason that she forgot...something about some survival measure...or enjoyment...
Sometimes she was dragged to the public to be treated like a pet, some curious people where wondering if she's really a Quarian, a clone or something else, some people felt sorry for her, but being in the zone controlled by the Blue Suns, they rather not get involved for their own sake.

One day Shana woke up for a new day along with the Asari Cumbucket(or Buck as Shana call her) and both sitted on the mattress, facing the door that is being unlocked by a Blue Sun Guard, and they waited for clients.
At least 2 hours has passed and not a single customer appeared, Shana started to realized that something different is happening today, she peeked outside and the streets are empty, the Blue Suns looked nervous and they are build some barricades, like they're expecting an attack.

Shana got scared and hugged Buck who is unawared of everything. Shana could use this opportunity to escape, but her mind is too numbed that it didn't crossed her mind about escape.
Suddenly the lights of the street were turn off and that caught the Blue suns by suprise, they turned on their flashlights and they standed quietly, waiting which direction will they be attacked.

After waiting a few seconds, they hearded slow steps going towards them, until the Blue Suns caught them on Sight: "LOKI MECHS, FIRE AT WILL", they are firing on to group of mechs who aswered the same away, firing to the barricade where the blue suns covered. Sunddely, a explosion from inside the Blue suns perimeter, opened a crater where is coming out from the sewers: Varrens and Vorcha.
Blue Sun Fighter 1: "GROUND!!! BLOOD PACK!!!" 
Blue Sun Fighter 2: "IT'S TOO MUCH, RETREAT!!!"
Blue Sun Fighter 3: "WERE SURROU...ARGhhh..."
Blue Sun Fighter 4: "HE'S ON ME... VARREN, KILL IT, KI...UARg FUUUUCKKK... FUUuuu..."

Blue suns suffered heavy casualties, 2 fighters managed to get inside the container and locked themselves along Shana and Buck.

Blue Suns fighter: "Fuck, this is not going to hold, this  is it, if were going to die, we'll take them all we can."
Shana and Buck went to a corner cowering themselves waiting for the worst. Suddenly, the door of the container has been knocked down with brute force and appeared a large Krogan Charging in towards the blue suns remnants, he blowed the head of the first fighter with a shotgun shot and then pinned mortally the second fighter to the wall with the charge.

The fight is over, there was a choir of cheers or laughs from the Vorchas around the area. Some Vorcha approached to Shana and Buck with the rifles pointed at them, but the Krogan holded them: "Stand down you filthy aliens or will gun you down. The Asari bitch wants them alive!"
A few minutes later appeared an Asari commander with Yellow uniform and went talking to the Krogan:" Good work wiping the Blue Suns and keeping your pets on Short leash, we just want the girl unharmed, and as we agreed you can control this area."

The Asari Commander went straight to Buck and leaned to her: "Kenna? Your Mother hired us to get you home, come on...Ill help you getting up." But the Krogan intruded asking: "What about the other girl?" The commander in a dismissing tone said: "the girl that looks like a Quarian? I don't care about her but the client's daughter, you can have her and do as you see fit."
Shana was glad that Buck, or more correctly Kenna is finally going home after who knows how long she has been kept. But she's worried about herself now. What will happen to her?

The Krogan walks towards her while putting a fresh termoclip in his shotgun, and pointed at her face asking: "Tell me a good reason why I should spare you."
Shana has dropped her jaw, her heart was beating so fast, she was losing her calmness, but said: "I...I...I know how to... suck dicks" But the Krogan laughed saying: "I already know what you do here, but I want a REAL good reason to spare you."
Shana to avoid to lose her cool, she started to think about the good things she liked to do that she didn't forgot, but she didn't realized that she quoted: "I know how to dance..." But the Krogan started to lose his patience said: "You are about to die and you can tell jokes?? Last chance!!"

Shana even more scared she closed her eyes and said out loud a thing the she remembered to be good at: "I know how to repair technology..." She waited for the response of the Krogan, until... She heard a shotgun blast right next to her. Shana was shivering in fear and is slowly opening her eyes and saw that the Krogan shooted to the wall, with a grin on his face, and laughed: "HA HA HA... Look how you pissed yourself in fear!... But good answer... Although I have no uses for a mechanic....hmmmm.... I have an idea."
It seems that the Krogan was playing with her in a cruel way, but at least she didn't die. But the Krogan seems to have some plans for her: "Get up" Grabbing her arm firmly and dragged her into a shuttle, the Krogan instructed the Vorcha to fortify the position while he's out with Shana.

The Krogan has flighted to the Blood pack HQ. When they landed, the Krogan grabbed Shana the same way as before, they entered into a large building full, or more likely infested of Vorcha, running around, organize the scrap, fixing leaks and so on. The Krogan took Shana downstairs into the basement, where there's full of cages with Varren. Shana didn't like where this is going.

The Krogan leaded her to a empty cage and throw her inside and locked it, the Krogan said while leaving:" You stay there while I do some important stuff in the station, the Vorcha will keep you fed and clean."

Shana couldn't stand on, the cage is too small for that, but it was enough space to sit and stretch her legs, Shana found herself surrounded by Varren, even there was two cages on her cage where she could hear the steps of the creature, to much happened that day that she decided to take a nap since there's nothing else she can do, the atmosfere of the basement feels hot and smelly and the floor isn't cold, so she fell asleep without to much trouble...Until a few hours later she has been woke up by a varren from a cage next to her, jet pissing on her, she was quite covered in piss, and she got mad for being abruptly awaken in such manner, but minutes later another Varren from the cage that's on Shana's cage also started pissing, it seems that the Varrens are conspiring against her.

An Hour later, two vorchas entered with mops and buckets, it seems they going to clean the cages after the Varren spent all day defecate and pissing, they are cleaning the cages floor, sweeping and washing, but they do everything from the outside, they kept cleaning until they reached Shana's cage and they asked her: "You, Pyjak lady, don't piss and shit?? We clean tomorrow. So piss and shit now or cage smelly all night." She kept herself all this time, hoping that she would be given a bucket to defecate, but it seems that she has to defecate on the floor: "all...allright, I just... do here??" she started pissing and defecating in front of the Vorcha as they were patiently waiting to clean her cage.

After cleaning the cages, others vorchas appeared with brooms and bucket, it seems they going to give a bath to the Varren, they started with Shana, they wetted the broom and started brushing her body, and for Shana's surprise, it was quite pleasant, and probably the best bath she had since the Blue suns, she let them brushing her chest, belly, back, butt, arms, legs and feet, she unconsciously started masturbating as she felt the tickles in her body, the Vorchas concluded:" Pyjak lady likes to be brushed, tomorrow more brushing."

After the bath, the vorcha brought bowls of food and water for the varrens, the same included to Shana which was a smaller portion of Varren food that consist pieces of raw meat. For the aspect of the meat, looks like it came from the waste of a butchery so that they don't have to spend credits. Although, a quarian diet is supposed to be vegetarian, but everything she ingested in the last months was anything but vegetarian, so she forced herself to eat the raw meat.

The night is coming, the vorcha turn off the light and the varren curled themselves to sleep, but Shana kept thinking that she appears to forgetting something, as she started feeling the shakes, then she remembered that she didn't take the daily shot of modified Hallex, then she felt diziness. The body was shivering, demanding for Hallex, she puked a bit, and kept like this for several hours until her body couldn't take it and she fell asleep from tiredness, although it was an unresting sleep, she started dreaming about her people from the Flottila that she forgot, she dreamed that those people hated her and they were chasing her with intention to  kill her, screaming at her: "HOW COULD YOU FORGET US, YOU TURNED YOU'RE BACK TO THE FLOTTILA! LEAVE FOREVER OR WE WILL KILL YOU OUTCAST!!!"

She woke up screaming and sweating, then she realized that she had a nightmare, but something happened, she started to remember everything, she remembered her full name, the Flottila and her people, it seems that her body purged everything related to Hallex, that was blocking her memories, it seems that the pill she took from the Citadel doesn't protect from the drugs addiction, but she can recover faster from addiction withdrawal, something that would take weeks for normal people.

Shana was happy that she can remember her name that she started saying out loud repeatedly for a few minutes: "I am Shana'rael vas ideema!", then she started to look down at her body and notice that her breasts are bigger compared from the last time she can remember, she saw signs that her nipples were pulled and squeezed several times. She realized that her mind was so numbed that she never took notice of her body changes during the several months of captivity, although in the past she always wanted to have bigger breasts, but not the way she had in mind.
One hour later, in the morning, two Vorchas entered to give food to the Varren, and noticed that Shana puked during the night, the Vorchas thought the she feeling ill because of raw meat and decided to bring cooked meat just for her.

Shana despite being treated like a Varren, she felt that the Vorcha are more caring than the Blue Suns who treated her worse than the Varrens, exploiting her until she become useless.


Days has passed and those days were monotonous, Shana was bored in her cage and she was thinking about her captivity from the Blue Suns, but for her suprise and shame, she misses being fucked by several alien strangers, at least she was occupied compared to now. She tries to remember the Human who took her virginity, but she didn't saw his face, at that time she was shocked to even notice those details, but it didn't matter. If it were not from him, it would be from someone else who would fuck her anyway.


She starting recalling about the other clients who were nice to her, they only wanted to cuddle and caress. Then she started thinking about blowjobs and how she misses it, the feel of hot semen in her mouth, the feeling of a penis sliding in her throat, swallow the semen... just thinking about it, she started to feel her vagina wet as she started touching herself and masturbating.

After the pleasant orgasm and her lust satisfied she started to realize that something is wrong with her. She started to question herself: "What is wrong with me?? Why I enjoy those things??? What have they done to me??" As she was questioning herself, the Varren in the cage next to Shana's cage made his jet piss again on her, Shana stopped questioning herself when she realized that she is covered in piss again, she got mad and wanted to get revenge, she leaned against the grid and put herself in a position with the open leg, like a dog pissing, she trying to reach to the varren, although it barely wet him, only hitting his arm, and the amount wasn't great compared to the varren.


Meanwhile the Krogan entered to the basement and caught her in that position and saw the whole thing and he started question her: "What are you trying to do? Mark your territory? Do you think you are a Varren now? Enough!.... I have some free time, now I can get out from this station for a while and you're coming with me."

Shana was embarrassed for being caught like that, but she wasn't sorry for her little revenge she was saving for a while.

The Krogan grabbed her cage and lift it with ease and putted her in a cargo ship along with some others varrens, near the containers of scavanged junk, Shana heard the start of the engines of the cargo ship, and she got mad that she has to leave covered in piss, without taking a bath that the Vorcha gives her daily.


But she wonder where will she go. What surprises that fate has in store for her?


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Took a long while to make this part due to lack of free time, and this time I tried to develop more the writing.


Any feedback is always apreciated, so i can see where to improve.



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no se si esto esta abandonado o que pero realmente me gusto la historia, la redacción es correcta y aunque da por echo que te jugaste la trilogía de mass effect es bastante fiel al universo al menos por lo que puedo ver, me gustaría que continuase y si no es así saber de otras obras similares.


buen trabajo.

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