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“ … I’m gonna kick your ass!”



Being awoken after countless going on toilet during Saturday day and night, I was laying by my Prince who was in sleeping position with my Ivy. By the way, after three years we still need to feel each other’s body in the bed during the sleep. Although it was night I could see his muscular back and neck on the light that came through our window from the street light. He always sleeps only in short pants because his metabolism is fast and he is hot blooded person. I gently and slowly crossed over his back feeling every scar and bruise under my hand. I kissed every one of them being grateful to heavens that he is my husband. The picture of his appearance with face covered in bruises and cuts lightly swollen after the fight with three mockers flashed through my mind. Interestingly enough right after that I saw myself slapping him hard and him taking me in his arms, kissing me and telling me he loves me.



I suddenly had a kind of enlightening: I never ever slapped any of my ex boyfriend or girlfriend no matter how hard they made me angry. I was the one who was insulted, molested and beaten. Not saying that I didn’t deserve it. I’m just saying that my Ivy and Prince never ever slapped me although I hurt them numerous times and I deserved it with interests. Where that "courage" came from? Why do I slap him when I’m extremely angry at him unable to control my rage? I will tell you my friends. It comes from extreme love I have for him; from care, concern and fear that I might loose him; not from the fact and knowing that he will not slap me back. Here is one interesting phenomena. My Ivy pissed me off more then my Prince for we have been together much longer, but I never slapped her. I yelled at her, I swore at her, I called her names and I broke things around me, but I never hit her. No matter how hard I hurt her, she also, never slapped me. She never yelled at me or swore at me or call me names. I was always her princess, since the day we became lovers and she treated me that way. I’m still her princess, although she changed toward me. The day she deeply fall in love with my Prince becoming addicted to him as I am, she stopped arguing with him, she never yelled at him; she treated him as her king and she argues with me always taking his side (because they are very much alike), but still she never had desire to hurt me in any way.

Antonio threatened several times to my Prince that although he respect him and love him, if he ever hurt my Ivy he will break him into pieces. My Prince slapped my Ivy 2 times when he was extremely scared for her life when she disobeyed him and jeopardized her life. She never resent him just as he never resent me. On contrary, she loved him even more. Let me tell you this: My Prince is not afraid of Antonio who can, as we say in our culture, eat him for breakfast in one second. He has no chance in any type of fight with him. But, that’s not the reason why my Prince doesn’t beat us. It’s his nature and he was raised that way. Women, for him, are perfect beings who exist to be loved, protected, worshiped and respected; not to be hurt in any way. That’s why he didn’t resent me and that's why I fell in love with him. I’m telling you the truth: I would never dare to slap any man. Not because I’m afraid of consequences, but because I’m not such person. My Ivy have no problems with it. She would even fist fight with them. I slapped my Prince out of my helplessness to show him how much his deeds scared me to death and that I would rather die then see him being hurt. Anyway, I slept showering his back with my kisses and tears thanking him quietly for loving me just as I am.



Now about yesterday.

We had excellent Sunday enjoying in everything we were doing together and we did everything together. When my Fran arrived after finishing short obligations with new guests in villa he joined us in the kitchen helping me with pilling and slicing vegetables while my Prince and Ivy cooked and kissed all the time. When the time came to anoint his body with special ointment I went to the bedroom and brought it. My Fran smiled winking to me to let him do it. My Prince was turned with his back and he couldn’t see anything. When my Fran put the ointment on his palms and placed them on Prince’s shoulders, he immediately knew it wasn’t me. Although my Fran has gentle, feminine hands, my Prince can’t make mistake. If he perfectly distinguish my touches, kisses and body from Ivy’s, he certainly knew that those hands weren't my hands. He told him without facing him: “Only to the half of my back, Fran. No further.” We all giggled and very shortly afterwards my Fran started to moan in pleasure pretending that he is aroused because he touches his muscular back. My Prince, again, without facing him said:

- If I hear one more moan, Fran, I’m gonna kick your ass.

But, my Fran loves my Prince and he couldn’t resist to not to tease him. After few moments he moaned in pleasure. My Ivy and I died laughing when we saw next scene: my Prince quickly turned to him, grabbed his both hands and holding them tightly on his back, he took the salt from the bowel and rubbed it into his mouth. My Fran coughed, spit and ran into the bathroom moaning like a cat. My luvs continued to cook kissing and bumping hips and I went to the bathroom to help my Fran. I told him:

- Fran, don’t be angry at my Prince. He warned you.

Fran smilingly: I’m not angry at him at all, Princess. I deserved it. I don’t know … I just can’t resist to no to tease him.

Anyway, we both returned to the kitchen and cleaned the mess. Then I anointed his face, chest and tummy. He looked at me with great love whispering how much he loves me and our little one. After excellent lunch my luvs made I had to vomit because little one thought I fed him too much. Fran stayed with us all afternoon and over night. We had excellent quick sex few times and I watched romantic comedy with my Fran while my luvs jogged, exercised, trained martial arts and fucked wildly afterwards. Before we went to sleep my luvs kissed my tummy, prattled and sung to my baby and after taking our sleeping positions, we slept contently.



I came home after few hours of work today because I needed more comfort and privacy due to my pregnancy. I continued to work for the Hotel. We had one incident on the work today, but more about it in my next diary in Friday. Have a nice working week LL.


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