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Homo homini lupus est



My luvs came home after the work yesterday and my Fran was with them. They behaved as nothing happened in the office. Both of them respect each other and love each other. That is the power of the true friendship. My luvs kissed me, my baby and we had a lunch together. I was sitting in my Prince’s lap as always and he held his hand on my tummy. Every time he felt our baby’s moving he smilingly said: “Oh, my beautiful, little one … daddy loves you.” Then he’d kiss me and said he loves me too. We planned the weekend and my mom said that Zdenka invited us for Sunday lunch. We thanked her but we said we’d love to stay at home. She already have first guests in villa that came for the carnival and she’ll be busy with them. Besides, I needed a peace. My Prince said he’ll cook for us and he invited Fran who joyfully accept the invitation. My parents will have lunch with Zdenka. We planned the Saturday and after the lunch, they all gone and I enjoyed to be with my luvs.



This morning after our routine and family coffee my luvs went to the grocery store as they always do while my parents and Fran did house cleaning as they always do. Seeing me going to toilet often and feeling nauseous, they didn’t let me do anything. My mom stayed to make the lunch for us, while my dad, Fran and Zdenka went to villa to accommodate new guests and check if everything is all right. My luvs stayed in shopping later than usually and I had a bad feeling. I called them and none of them replied on my calls. I started to cry and my mom comforted me saying that all is fine. When they finally arrived home I sighed deeply and loudly seeing my Prince’s face. He had some big bruises and new scars. I blasted in heavy cry. He kneeled before me, hugged me and kissing my head he tried to calm me saying that all is fine. My mom told him to sit on the sofa so she can treat his bruises and cuts while my Ivy placed me in her lap and she showered my head with kisses and “love yous”. When I finally calmed, I asked her to tell me what happened. I looked at my Prince and I saw his muscular body in bruises too. He (god damn idiot – I’m saying it out of love and concern for him when I’m angry at him, not as the expression of insult or hate) smiled at me and sent me the kiss.

Ivy: Honey, you know our husband …. He simply can’t stand injustice ……. Everything was fine: we bought all we need and he treated me with cappuccino in the front of the café. I was sitting in his lap and we enjoyed in kissing and prattling to each other. Our good time interrupted loud laughter. We looked who is laughing so loud and why and we saw three guys sitting at the table near the café entrance laughing hard at the blind man who was holding for the electric wheelchair of the man who helped him walk out of the grocery store. Those three guys mocked them laughing like crazy. Prince got angry in split of the second. I tried to stop him but he moved me from his lap and place on nearby chair like I’m light like a feather and he approached to them. He told them quite aloud: “All I see here is three idiots who are mocking helpless men. Let’s see if you will laugh when I break your legs and shut your eyes with my fists … fucking stinking pile of shit!”

(Ivy to me): I knew I have to call Antonio and I quickly dialed him while keeping my eye on them holding my other hand on the gun to use it in the case someone draws a blade or gun. Antonio answered he’ll be here as soon he can. Sooooo, motherfuckers felt insulted and they reacted as one. Prince was fast but not fast enough. After knocking the second guy on the ground he received a strong punch in the face. He didn’t fell but he swung. While he was fighting the third guy the other two stood up and attacked him. He handled pretty well. He beat two of them heavily while the third guy was punching him all over the body. Antonio arrived very quickly and separated them. He wore the uniform and he ordered the guys to enter into his car. I explained to him what happened and he told me to drive him straight home and that he will deal with the police. So, here we are.

I angrily said to her: Why didn’t you do something? Why didn’t you use your gun?

Prince: No waaaay, Princess! Ivy knows she is not allowed to interfere unless it is truly necessary.

I couldn’t control my emotions. I stood on my feet, approached to him and I slapped him hard. My mom rebuked me: “EVAAA! What’s wrong with you?!”

I felt on my knees and I grabbed him for his face shouting: WHYYYY? WHY CAN’T YOU LET GO?!

Then I laid my head on his chest and cried heavily again. He kissed my head saying he loves me. My mom asked him the same question but more calmly:

- Indeed, my son … why couldn’t you let go?

My Prince deeply sighed, lifted me into his lap and cuddling my head he said:

- Mom, Princess …. We talked about it, but I’ll tell you once for all: you can’t understand and you never will unless you walk in my pair of shoes …… You do not know about the pain in the heart seeing healthy children, mocking, laughing, slapping and kicking my sister just because she is lame, deaf and mute …… You do not know about her fear and confusion: “Why are you doing this to me?” She couldn’t defend because she didn’t know how ….. They slapped her, called her names and they mocked her ….. when I reacted I got beaten …. They were older then me and stronger then me. When they had enough they went laughing at her …… I felt miserable …. I couldn’t help her and she was molested just because she was helpless invalid …… Now you know why I can’t let it go. (to me) – Honey, if you think I deserve more slaps, do it, slap me as much as you want …. I will still love you.



Hearing his story we all cried heavily. My mom showered his face with kisses and “love yous”. Indeed, none of us knows how his sister and him felt in such moments. My mom brought him pain killers and she told him to take a rest. He went to the bedroom and he slept almost immediately. I laid beside him while my Ivy helped my mom to unpack groceries and taking the shower afterwards. I gently cuddled his bruised, swollen and in scars covered face feeling enormous love for him. I thought about those three cowards. Yes, cowards, because they had no guts to mock and laugh on someone equal to them or stronger to them, but to two helpless invalids. Mankind goes to moral and ethical abyss deeper and deeper every single day. There is no greater beast than human being. Old saying: “Man is a man’s wolf” is made upon the fact of who we truly are. My Ivy laid beside him too and she showered him with kisses and “Love yous” before she slept. I laid my head in my mom’s lap feeling very exhausted and enjoying in her gentle cuddles of my head, tummy and my baby and slept very soon.



When I woke up, my Prince was exercising with my Ivy. Seeing me, he showered my face and my tummy with kisses. His body is covered in bruises and cuts, but he learned to endure the pain. He used on it. The only pain that breaks him is the pain in heart he has if something terrible happen to Ivy, me and our baby. 

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Just an update about those three mockers:


> When police arrived Antonio reported them to the police patrol. Two invalids didn't want to press charges against them because they were afraid of the revenge. When Antonio guaranteed safety, they pressed the charges against them. They will pay high penalty and will spend the night in prison before going before the judge. Having respect for my Prince and making his noble act more valuable, Antonio spent some time in the cell alone with them and .... all I can say it was one of their worse time in the life. If nothing else, they will always remember what happened to them before they mock anyone else again.

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