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Corrupted Schoolgirl! ~ EvilSlayer Maiden




The Evilslayer Maiden has 35 sex scenes in total alongside 37 base CG's. This means that no artwork repeats itself, and you'll always be faced with a unique experience for every scene!


With 300 artworks in total, each sex scene has a large number of variations that demonstrate the progression of your perversion - from panties on, to panties off! From rubbing on the outside, to slipping in just the tip, to finally going balls deep! The amount of variety is incredible, and these developers definitely deserve a round of applause!


Better still, although there are 35 sex scenes to see, there are many many more sex events that are not saved into the gallery, for you to enjoy! Like when you prostitute yourself in the streets for ten gold pieces - that's a unique event that doesn't appear in your gallery! In that sense, the recollection system is near identical to that of Liz and the Tower Town. Although you can unlock the special scenes, you can also have sex with strangers just walking all over town!


Sex positions range from standing sex, missionary, doggystyle, and even the piledriver and mating press! Not to mention the erotic text as the men are so excited to have a chance at actually impregnating an exorcist! An elite warrior that fights demons for a living, is now nothing more than a cumdump who has sex for pennies! 


The obvious best scene of the game, occurs when you lose against goblin opponents and become enslaved by them! Soon they're having sex with you every single day until your noble exorcist, has actually been impregnated by the goblins! Soon to bear a goblin child, the erotic text only rubs it in - there was "not a trace of her exorcist pride left...She'd degraded herself into the goblin's pet". That's right! If you get defeated by goblins, the game ends with Otome as their breeding sow to bear goblin children for the rest of time! 


Once a goblin killer, now a goblin sex-toy! The hentai in this game is downright fantastic! 







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