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Ikkath Fire Edge - Horde, Wyrmrest Accord



Name: Ikkath Fire Edge
Race: Frostwolf Orc
Class: Enhancement Shaman
Height: 6’9
Weight: 270
Role: Dominant
Sexuality: Straight
Home: The Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar
Birthplace: The Outskirts of Warspear
Age: 27

Physical Description: Ikkath is a young well built Orc. While most of his Shaman brethren were looking to control the elements through gestures and waving of hands,Ikkath took to letting the heat of battle guide the elements. Finding success in harnessing his control over them through battle cries and swinging of his powerful axes. Wearing metal armor and swinging around large axes has left the Orc in peak fighting condition. Looking up to par as a mating partner as a warrior that decided to leave magic behind him.

Tattoos,Piercings,Ect: Ikkath has the story of the Frostwolf clan tattooed all across his upper body,starting at his neck,going down both of his long arms and going down as far as his crotch just above his cock. The black ink covers both of his ass cheeks and his thighs.

Weapons of Choice: Two axes crafted by the expert blacksmith in Warspear. The back of the blades show a wolf baring his teeth with the blade leaving its parted mouth and showing that wolf’s bark is as bad as its bite. 

Backstory: Ikkath was born from a small hut tribe off on the outskirts of Warblade. From a young age he had a fire burning in him. It was something that the tribe’s head shaman took a notice to. The boy had a rage that could scare a Tauren half way to Orgrimmar and a bite that could knock a Foresaken’s head clean off and make it unable to be placed or stitched back into place perfectly. This lead the man to take an interest in him. Wishing to harness the fire before it took the potential soldier’s life away. Ikkath trained. Day and night. Not out a desire to grow in power but as an outlet for his untold frustrations. He did everything he could to try and make the fire burning in his belly stop,but no matter how exhausted he left his body. The fire burned.(edited)
When basic fighting and combat found no end the head shaman took to casting. And for a time it worked. Two years Ikkath stood and trained with his teacher. Waving his hands around and calling it idiotic up until his motions would cast a fire larger than any other of his students. It was then that he knew. The fire was more than just a feeling. Ikkath pushed himself. Finding solace in the idea of some day finding a way to control the fire within him. While Ikkath started off strong. His casting would not become anything more than a powerful display. The boys anger and his desire for something more left him unfocused. Unwilling. Something a castor could never be. Frustration grew. Ikkath’s anger only grew knowing that he was close to removing the feeling he carried and took two axes left behind by those that took to the art. Ikkath began to swing them at the nearest training dummy however the moment he swung it was not the sound of metal hitting metal that he heard. He heard the sound of the axe connect with the metal pole holding the dummy upright,but what followed was the sounds of flames as the hay in the dummy caught fire. It was then that Ikkath knew there was more to the fire inside him. He left his home and his master finding that only he could lead himself down his path. Taking the dangers of the world head on and doing anything in his might to control his flame.
As time passed Ikkath began to harness his strength. Taking on the role of enhancing his strength and desire for combat. As he grew in age and experience he headed to Orc capitol in search of work and came across a helpless Blood elf. Alone. Much like he ended. The only thing that made him different was that he was not strong enough to carry himself. The Orc saw the insignia that most of the Blood elf healers carried around,around his neck and saw a way to take advantage. He made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. After hearing his sob story and knowing just how badly he desired power he made him a deal. Ikkath had a potion he found in a snake queen’s lair. No note beside it. No label. If he drank the potion and lived he would teach him how to become strong. To his surprise the elf drank it and what followed no one expected. The Orc saw the priest become a priestess before his very eyes and knew that she would be following him. However Ikkath made certain she knew that she would follow but not as his equal. He forced the priestess on her knees and forced cock in mouth. In front of others of his kind and those in town seeking work, Ikkath made them watch as the priestess sucked cock like cheapest whore in Orgrimmar and swallowed like a cum dump happy to serve. Her desires only grew in his company. While Ikkath was not a castor,he taught her the basics that his teacher taught him,seeing that those who focused could gain the power and control. Ikkath made sure to remind the Elf that his lessons and his protection were not free. Stealing her virginity outside on an outpost surrounded by soldiers of the Horde. Fucking her ass raw in the middle of a farmstead in front of the farmland owner and only fueling her newfound powers with his cum. To this day this priestess follows in toe behind him. Eager to aid him. And even more eager to milk his cock.
Strengths: Well built and powerful Orc,Fights with the power of the elements and his powerful Orcish body,has the ability to take control from the enemy. Be it physically or not.
Weaknesses: Gave up a potential prowess in casting at a young age,fights battles as if it were his last,continues fights even if it means his end.

Kinks and Limits: https://www.f-list.net/c/Geo RP

Owns: @Ashanaria



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