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Still going



Just an update, this whole thing is indeed still going, i'm actually nearly finished with the next entry. Partly i've just been procrastinating from time to time, because as i've said before, i'm basically the reincarnation-even-though-he's-still-alive of Kentaro Miura. And partly it's legit taken a ton more effort with making cells and worldspaces and doing custom mesh and texture edits and doing funky stuff with outfit-related shenanigans, so on so forth, the usual stuff i do anyway but even moreso. And i haven't even done all the stuff i want to do, i'm putting the important stuff into this entry and then i'll do another Addendum entry for the extra side bits.


And then it'll be another 300-year wait before the next entry as per usual, but hey. At least i'll also get back to the screenshot lewdity on the tumblr and such after this, i've made a point of not doing any more of them until i finish this entry.


EDIT: Jesus Bunnyhopping Christ, has it really been 2 years since the last entry? I've updated them all over time which re-submits them so the submission time on here is no bueno, so i went and checked when i actually linked Entry 9 on my Tumblr. July 12 2016. Where the hell did the time go?


EDIT: Just realized calling them "entries" is a little weird. It's an actual ongoing story, not just blog posts. "Chapters" it is. I'll update the names in the morning or something.

Also, for the record, when i say "nearly finished", i mean in the sense of the Ninety-Ninety rule. Chapter 10's 90% done. It just has another 90% to go because of various little things i gotta do as i go (and new ideas cropping up. The story's been revised like a billion times in a billion places in the last few weeks, it's now settled on something i'm happy enough with). And remember: This is me we're talking about. I will do shit that probably 99% of people will not notice or think to do themselves in their own works, details that don't really show up in the shots all that much, even whole sections of cells and worldspaces that are wholly off-screen, so on and so forth. Because A. i'm just as concerned about the 1% who are critical of the little details, why settle for 99% when i can go that extra mile and snag all 100%, and B. it's the principal of the matter; even though you might never see that off-screen stuff, i know it's there, nobody can make any legitimate claim that it's absent from the 3D space i made for those shots. If you don't notice or "feel" anything wrong with the scene, then i've succeeded. Not saying i always will succeed, but it's the intent, and that's half the battle already dealt with.


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Yes, you have been lazy posting your good stuff. Naughty naughty you. ;)

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