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The first official Release



Finaly the first official release was made on Satureday with a bunch of changes.


HERE you can find the download


What has changed:

Ok, first of all, widgets has been added.

The windgets will display the most important BeeingFemale stats like the babys health, the constraception, the current phase, and some more infos.

But there are still some problems. There are reports that the position of the babys health widget is changing. Another problem I have got is that the contraception widget won't display anymore for some reasons.

I'm about to fix it


The next thing is - the basic constructable objects will give more then 1 item as result. When cooking the low contraception item you get 3 bottles per craft. The middle contraception item will give 2 bottles per craft.... And there are 5 (all i remember) sanitary napkins per craft.


Another thing are the children that has born. They finaly got a name!

They also grow a bit (but still not to an adult)


A new Framework function will calculate the chance that a woman can become pregnant at this moment.

Depending on the sperm travel time, sperm life time, egg travel time and some other propertys (even those, changed via AddOns) it will return / display the chance the female body is ready to become pregnant.

For example - when the result is 0% the woman won't become pregnant even she had massive group sex for hours or something like that. When the result is 99% she will become pregnant when she has sex right now.

This is like an digital ovulation test in this age of time.

But it won't calculate the impregnation chance with the current sperm she has already inside. It only tests the body if she is ready to become pregnant.

For sure this function is ready for developers.


There are already complete translations for russian and chinese out there. I've linked to them in the release post.


A few more bugs are still on my ToDo List - i doesn't had time to check the blood emitter. When having a miscarryage / abortus the blood emitter will show blue or magenta squads instead of animatated blood. This was already reported on Beta 4.


Another Bug is in the Estrus-Chaurus support. The Time is calculated wrong when the Estrus Pregnancy has ended and the Player has to reset his character via MCM Menu. This bug got the highest priority for now because it will crash the player BeeingFemale stats and a reset is required.


Recommended Comments

Installed the lastest and using a CBBE HDT body, works great and liking the new updates.


One thing that I have found is when you start to give birth the animations is happening and proceeding as it should BUT if your in your house or near a usable bed then your character is automatically moved to the bed (which is a good idea), the problem is, that it tends to place the character at the bottom of the bed and you end up with your pelvis/hips buried in the bottom of the bed frame and also can lead to some very awkward camera views.


Is there any fix for this or a way to move/reposition your character while giving birth?


Also would it be possible to make the "automatic" moving to a bed optional like some sex mods that are spell based asl "do you wish to use a bed - yes/no", would add to the immersion a little as well as if your giving birth it could be a case of "if its happening in the hallway thats where its happening end of story.

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Hey, the menu you made isn't appearing. I've tried one of your fixes but it didn't work. Is there some kind of thing I need to do to make it work specifically. Im a male trying to knock up npc females. I have the books and potions but nothing else is appearing. I have the Animated Prostitution sex mod.


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