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Chapter 18

Black Princess


Two weeks later…




Ruby: It’s better if I go first. Wait here.




- Finally I found you. 




- How? Who are you? 
- You left a note at the cathedral.




Gwen: A note to my location? Really, Caroline? 
- Don’t say my name. 
- You exposed my location so we are even.




- I’m the person Alana was supposed to find, but I’m not the dragonborn. 
- She made a mistake? Wow that’s something I wanted to witness. 
- About that… You know Elen, right? 
- Yes. 
- She is outside.




- What? I’m going to kill her right now.




- No. You aren’t. 
- Why? 
- Because I’m the one who she was seeking a childish revenge. And now I stopped her. But I need you two to keep your eyes on her until Alana come back.




- Come back from where? 
- As she couldn’t find a living dragonborn, she went to find someone who can knock some sense into her. She asked me to not say who they are but it’s related to the place where she was living. 
- Oh I know who you’re talking about.




- I think I know how to take care of Elen.




- Leda. After twenty years, finally we met again.




- Emma? You grew up. 
- For you it’s Queen Emma of Sauferia. 
- What brings a queen to a cave in nowhere?




- You know very well why. You killed my mother and stole the royal swan.




- So it’s about a revenge? 
- It’s about justice and you are going back to the place you should never left. 
- What place is that? 
- The Institute. 
- No! Not the Institute.




- A fair punishment. You can take her.




Time to leave this cave and go back to surface.




- Clones? Really? The Institute was better when I scaped.




- Make sure she never see the daylight again. As she spent the last twenty years hiding here, I think that’s not a problem for her.




- Sapphire? 
- It’s me. Who are you?




- I’m Camila. Leda said bad things about me but I wouldn’t hurt you. 
- The witch of the third island. 
- You must know why you’re here…




…Leda ordered me to bring you to these islands. You would be a bait to get to your mother. 
- My mother? But I don’t know who she is. All I know is that she abandoned me when I was born. 
- I also don’t know her, but I know she is looking for you and someone wants to take advantage of it to get a revenge against her.




- My entire life I wanted to know who she is and ask why she abandoned me. 
- She should have a good reason. 
- Why are you telling me that? 
- Leda no longer have control over me. 
- So can we leave these islands? I’m going to freak out here. 




- That’s another problem. The owner of the ship took it back. 
- I feared you would say something like that. 
- I’m sorry. 
- Maybe we have another option to go away. 
- How? 
- Did you see the crystal? 
- Yes and something told me to not get closer to it. 
- I believe that it’s a portal. And so Amanda did before me. 
- Did she? 
- I read her journals and never read anything like that. 
- It’s because she hid it very well. So where it takes? 
- I don’t know.




- Would you take the risks to try? 
- I have nothing to lose.




- I have a bad feeling.




- Where are we? 
- Interesting. It’s Riften Ratway. 




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I expected Leda to put more of a fight, kinda surprised she offered no resistance. At the other end, it's a good thing you're using more names in the dialogs, it helps refreshing the readers memory. :classic_smile:

PS : a small yet significant typo :


You know very well why. You liked my mother and stole the royal swan.


I don't think liking someone is revenge material. At the other end, killing her certainly is. :classic_tongue:


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